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Meats cooked on a rotisserie are delicious and juicy and have shed unwanted grease and fats. Using a countertop rotisserie at home means you can skip on paying store premiums and adjust the seasoning to your liking. Most modern rotisserie machines can be used for other purposes like baking or toasting, making them a welcome addition to any kitchen. We've gathered the best rotisserie machines so you can make the perfect meat dish for your next meal.

Cuisinart TOB200

Top of the line: Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie

Staff Pick

The Cuisinart rotisserie can roast a 4 lb chicken or 5 lb duck and offers 12 total cooking methods. There's enough space inside for a 12" pizza or six slices of bread. Plus, the heat sensor makes sure that food will be cooked evenly thanks to precise temperature control.

$200 at Amazon
GoWise USA GW448800

Great for kebabs: GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe 15-in-1

Whether you're making rotisserie chicken, roasting vegetables, or air frying potatoes, the ten included accessories make sure you have all the tools you need -- even for kebabs. There are also 15 preset cooking modes, so you don't have to set the timers manually, and another 50 recipes are included to handle everything else. Available in four colors, you'll be able to match this appliance to your kitchen design.

$143 at Amazon
Elite Cuisine ERO 2008N

Budget friendly: Elite Cuisine ERO-2008N

This rotisserie includes the skewer kit, removal tongs, and sliding trays for catching grease. An indicator light lets you know the oven is powered on, and you can set the temperature anywhere between 200F and 450F. In addition to the rotisserie setting, you can also use this oven to broil, toast, bake, and keep food warm. The 60-minute timer makes sure you don't overcook your food.

$50 at Amazon
Best Choice Products Family Size Air Fryer

All the accessories: Best Choice Products 1800W 10-in-1

No more keeping track of the cooking times for different meats and dishes, this rotisserie and air fryer from Best Choice Products has ten preset modes. The extra-large cooking capacity is enough room for a chicken, duck, or even a turkey. Cooking temperatures can range from 90F to 400F, and it also has a dehydrator mode to make your own jerky. Additional accessories are included, like an oven mitt, tongs, and drip pan.

$141 at Amazon
CalmDo Rotisserie

Easy to clean: CalmDo Rotisserie

This model from Calm Do covers all the cooking functions you'll need to make any family meal a success. There's even a lighted interior, and a saute function! Unlike other models, opening the door will pause the cooking cycle and resume when you close it. And you can completely remove the glass door for easy cleaning once it cools down.

$179 at Amazon

Cut the fat, not the flavor

Rotisseries will give the meat a crispy, evenly-browned exterior while allowing grease to drip down. All of these options prove you don't need commercial equipment to cook meat expertly. Still, the best option is the Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie. The many cooking methods, as well as space for pizza, earn the countertop real estate for this machine. And the brushed stainless exterior will look good in any kitchen style.

However, if you're just starting with this cooking method, consider the Elite Cuisine ERO-2008N. The low price means you can try out rotisserie at home without much risk. Plus, it can perform other functions like baking and toasting.

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