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Best Sandals for Women iMore 2022

Comfortable sandals are a must for about any look you can create from your closet. The best one that will go with almost anything is the CUSHIONAIRE women's sandals, with a soft lining and an insole to form to your foot. If that doesn't cut it for you, there are different options for all occasions and needs to choose from.

Best Overall: CUSHIONAIRE Women's Sandals

CUSHIONAIRE women's sandalsSource: CUSHIONAIRE

These CUSHIONAIRE women's sandals are a great choice to go with any outfit. It has genuine suede insoles for comfort, and it also has vegan cork anterior with soft inner lining. The outsole can last for a long time, so these are perfect for long walking trips for amusement parks or enjoyment.

There was a time where these sandals ran on the smaller size, but CUSHIONAIRE has solved the sizing problem to get them to fit as they should. The toe strap is made oddly, but you should be able to wear them and get it broken in. This way, it will fit comfortably for future wear, and you won't have to worry about it being uncomfortable.

These shoes are made for long-wear time, and it's comfortable to wear with the suede insoles. With soft lining inside the shoe as well, breaking them in will be a breeze. Once you get the toe strap to fit comfortably, you will be glad you picked up these shoes.


  • Genuine suede insoles
  • Runs true to size
  • Long-lasting outsole
  • Vegan cork with soft lining inside


  • Toe strap oddly made

Best Overall

CUSHIONAIRE women's sandals

CUSHIONAIRE Women's Sandals

The perfect price

If you're looking for a classic sandal that won't break the bank, the CUSHIONAIRE women's sandal is the best match for you.

Best Value: Amazon Essentials Thong Sandals

Amazon Essentials women's thong sandals Source: Amazon Essentials

If you're looking for simple sandals that you don't have to spend a lot of money on, these are an excellent option for just that reason. It's a simple style to wear with your everyday outfit, and it makes a comfortable addition for all times of the day. With the latex foam padding, you'll be happy you picked up such a soft option for long-wear days.

Since these are thong sandals, they can cause blisters from extended wear. You can wrap the thong part in some medical tape, so you have something soft between your toes. Your feet will also get used to the rubbing of the shoes if you wear them enough.

If saving money is the most important thing to you, then the Amazon Essentials thong sandals are a great addition to your closet. They have a simple look to them, and the latex foam padding in the shoe makes it great for extended wear. If you want a cute nude shoe to add to all of your outfits, then this is the perfect choice for such a small price.


  • Cheap
  • Simple for everyday
  • Latex foam padding


  • Can cause blistering

Best Value

Amazon Essentials women's sandals

Amazon Essentials Thong Sandals

Does the job

These are great sandals if you want to save some money. They've got a comfortable sole and are a simple nude to go with anything.

Best Orthopedic: AEROTHOTIC Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals

AEROTHOTIC orthotic sandalsSource: AEROTHOTIC

Support is incredibly important, especially if you have feet problems or back problems. These orthotic sandals will give you the necessary arch support to ensure you won't be in pain if you're looking for a long time. They're also rather cute and stylish, so people won't know that they are orthopedic shoes.

The sandals are water-resistant, so you can wear them to waterparks and not worry about ruining your shoes. However, they do not have anything made for wide feet, so you won't be able to wear these particular shoes. If your feet aren't wide and you need the support, then these are an excellent option for you to pick up.

With the simple style that helps them not look like orthopedic shoes, you will get the support you need. You can also wear them poolside or to any waterparks and beach. It will make a great addition to your outfit without having others know that is is meant to be orthopedic.


  • Arch support
  • Water-resistant
  • Stylish


  • Not made for wide feet

Best Orthopedic

AEROTHOTIC orthotic sandals

AEROTHOTIC Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals

All of the support

Having supportive sandals can be a must for some people, and these are soft and comfortable with optimal support.

Best Simplicity: Soles & Souls Women Flat Sandals

Soles & Souls women's sandalsSource: Soles & Souls

If you want to go with a clean and simple style that can dress up an outfit or make it a bit more casual, these sandals are the perfect thing to do just that. With the elastic straps, these shoes are easy to take on and off without much hassle. The heel on these is rather small, only about 0.25 inches, so this will help them be more comfortable during all-day wear.

The rubber sole of these helps keep the shoe in place, as long as you get them in the correct size. The Soles & Souls shoes do run a bit large, so make sure to size down to make sure that the straps fit tight enough. If you do get a size too big, the straps will slip around instead of being flush to your foot.

This simple sandal is perfect for any occasion and any outfit choice. From a simple jean look to cute wedding attire, this will make any outfit look great. Plus, with the small heel and the rubber sole, you'll be comfortable all day without having to change to a different pair of shoes.


  • Simple design
  • Small heel
  • Elastic straps for a more comfortable fit


  • Runs large

Best Simplicity

Soles & Souls women's sandals

Soles & Souls Women Flat Sandals

Goes with anything

If you're looking for a cute but simple sandal for everyday wear, then the Soles & Soul flat sandal is a great option.

Best Formal: Blowfish Women's Wedge Sandals

Blowfish women's sandalsSource: Blowfish

These sandals are more dressy and are simple yet unique. With the cute faux buckles and the open toe, it's an excellent choice to truly raise any wardrobe to its highest potential. The wedge heel is also short enough to keep you comfortable during any occasion, even if the event is a few hours long.

The faux leather straps and fabric throughout make these sandals look incredibly cute. The inner sole has inadequate padding, so you may want to go a half size down. By doing this, you can put padding inside to be able to wear these for a longer duration.

If you're okay, will adding in padding to make the shoes more comfortable, then these formal sandals will be a perfect addition to your closet. With the stylish design, these can truly make about any outfit more dressed up. The attention to detail with the faux leather buckles and the difference in the fabrics help make these shoes look even more elegant.


  • Beautiful design and detail
  • Short wedge heel
  • Cute buckle straps


  • Inner sole has poor padding

Best Formal

Blowfish women's sandals

Blowfish Women's Wedge Sandals

Dress it up

With a little heel and a cute buckle accent, these sandals are sure to dress up any outfit for that special occasion.

Best Name-Brand: Birkenstock Leather Sandals

Birkenstock women's sandalsSource: Birkenstock

Birkenstock is known for making high-quality shoes that are incredibly comfortable and all the rage right now. It's made from 100% leather, so it's high quality that will stay together quite well. The synthetic sole also makes for a comfortable fit that can start to form to your foot once you break them in.

The break-in period for these shoes may take quite some time since the sole is synthetic. If you can deal with blisters and a bit of pain, it will be worth it once they form to your foot. They are also quite expensive, even if you buy the cheapest version of these shoes.

With 100% leather and a sole that will start to fit to your foot, these are worth the money if you have it. The brand is known for making high-quality items, so you will be pleased with what you get from them. Once you break them in, these may be the most comfortable sandals you will own and will be worth the price you pay.


  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic sole for comfortable fit
  • Name brand


  • Long break-in period
  • Expensive

Best Name-Brand

Birkentstock women's sandals

Birkenstock Leather Sandals

Everyone's favorite

Birkenstock is known for its comfortable design and simple look that is meant for anyone and any outdoor trip.

Bottom line

Sandals will always be a great addition to any outfit, seeing as it adds comfort and style to your wardrobe. The best option to truly be comfortable is the CUSHIONAIRE women's sandals since it will form to your foot while wearing it. It's also made from vegan cork and a soft inner lining for optimal comfort.

If this didn't make the cut for you, there are loads of other options on this list that will add some flare to your outfits. Whether you're looking for something more formal or a little cheaper, you can't go wrong with the right sandal. It can elevate a classy look or even make a simple pair of jeans look absolutely stunning.

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