Best Screen Protectors for the Garmin vivofit Jr. 2 iMore 2022

Garmin's popular vivofit Jr. 2 may be waterproof, boast durable construction, and have a rugged silicone strap, but it's still not kid-proof. The smartwatch's display is its most vulnerable area, so once you've shelled out for the gadget, we recommend protecting your purchase by shielding the screen. We've found several savvy options that can help you do just this.

Iq Shield Screen

LiquidSkin: IQ Shield Screen Protector

Staff Pick

Offering a frictionless, smooth feel, LiquidShield's protective screens for the vivofit Jr. 2 cover the main screen and the button beneath. The kit includes 10 screen protectors, an anti-bubble installation solution, and a squeegee. Once in place, the screen has edge-to-edge protection backed up by viscoelastic properties, expanding to fill minor scratches.

$8 at Amazon
Deltashield Protector

BodyArmor: DeltaShield Full Body Skin

This option offers more robust protection than just screen shielding, with military-grade, ultra-clear film that extends around the sides and back of the watch too. Supplied in a set of five, as well as the adhesive film, you also get an installation squeegee and microfiber cleaning cloth. Plus, the film is UV-light- and fingerprint-resistant.

$12 at Amazon
Box Wave Protector

ClearTouch: BoxWave Crystal HD Film Skin

BoxWave's product is precision-cut to fit the vivofit Jr. 2's exact dimensions and promises glass-like clarity. The adhesive film is made from high-grade thermoplastics, designed for durability, and won't leave a residue. This pack provides you with two ClearTouch Crystal screen protectors, an applicator card, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

$13 at Amazon
Skinomi Protectors Full Body

TechSkin: Skinomi HD Film Screen Protector

Skinomi's product is another protector that uses a liquid adhesive solution, making for a more forgiving positioning process. Made of tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, the protector is impact-, scratch-, UV light-, and fingerprint-resistant. Inside the box, you get 10 screen and button protectors, a microfiber cloth, and a spray solution.

$8 at Amazon
Garmin V Vofit Jr 2 Liquid Shield Full Body Skin Protector

Smart film: IQ Shield Full Body Skin

Made with the same technology and offering the same smooth finish as the simple screen-only protectors that are our "Staff Pick" offers, this option gives additional protection with a full-body skin solution. This multipack offers five sets of the protectors, along with installation spray for the easy to maneuver wet-install method, a squeegee, and a lint-free cloth.

$13 at Amazon

Universal: ScreenWhiz by Naztech Screen Protectors

If you're on a budget, or you just know your kid is going to go through screen protectors like they would go through candy if you let them, buying a universal solution in a bulk pack that you can cut to size is an affordable option. This is a scratch-resistant, ultra-thin, bubble-free, self-adhesive film that will do the job, but for less cash.

$6 at Amazon

Keep your screen clean

All these products will adequately protect the display of your child's Garmin vivofit Jr. 2; it just depends on what level of protection you want. Our overall staff pick, the IQ Shield Screen Protector is ideal for older kids, covering just the display.

A more robust solution suitable for younger (or clumsier) children is the DeltaShield Full Body Skin which wraps around the device giving extra coverage. Anyone on a budget could consider the bulk pack of larger smartphone film, the ScreenWhiz by Naztech Screen Protectors, which can be cut down to size to fit the vivofit Jr. 2 perfectly.

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