Best Screen Protectors for the Garmin Vivosport iMore 2021

Whether you use your Garmin Vivosport smartwatch for indoor workouts, outdoor fitness challenges, health and stress tracking, or just checking the weather, you're no doubt a big fan of that always-on color touchscreen display. Help shield it by adding an extra layer of protection with a transparent screen protector. Once on, you won't notice it's there, but it will be quietly keeping your watch's display scratch and mark-free.

Vivosport Protector Rbeik

Three-pack: Rbeik Clear Scratch-Resistant Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport

Staff Pick

This tidy three-pack of protectors has a hardness rating of 9H, three times stronger than regular polyethylene terephthalate film. These protectors can shield your watch from key scratches and similar. These also have an oleophobic coating creating an oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint surface that you can simply wipe clean. Measuring in at only 0.25mm thick, and with a 99.99% light penetration ratio, you won't lose any viewing quality and the Vivosport's touchscreen will still work.

$7 at Amazon
Akwox Screen Protectors

Fingerprint-resistant: Akwox Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport

These protectors from Akwox offer a precise, laser-cut fit for your Garmin Vivosport's display. Another option that gives protection to a very durable and robust 9H hardness level, these screens measure in at just 0.3mm thick. They offer a 99.99% transparency, as well as the promise your touchscreen will still function as it should. Offering super-easy, bubble-free installation, this pack provides you with four tempered glass screen protectors, and screen cleaning wipes too.

$7 at Amazon
ArmorSuit Screen Protector

Military-grade: ArmorSuit Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport

ArmorSuit's screen protector for the Garmin Vivosport comes in a pack of two. Made from flexible thermoplastic urethane film, the "MilitaryShield" protectors have military-grade, self-healing technology. Minor scratches disappear thanks to the clever healing tech. Designed to match the contours of your smartwatch perfectly, these protectors are ultra-clear, scratch-proof, and resistant to yellowing. These come complete with installation tools to help fit the protectors and detailed instructions on how to do it.

$8 at Amazon
Khaos Screen Protector

Rounded edges: Khaos Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Garmin Vivosport

Khoas' screen protecting solution for your Garmin Vivosport is specifically designed to fit the watch's screen perfectly. It has rounded edges to prevent them from coming away from the display if they get bumped. Another option that brings a surface hardness of 9H, these also offer oleophobic anti-oil resistance so that it will give you a fingerprint-free finish. Measuring 0.26mm thick, these promise full compatibility with the watch's touchscreen operation. In the pack, you get four glass screen protectors, wet/dry wipes, and dust removal stickers to use before you apply the film.

$10 at Amazon
IQ Shield Protector

Anti-glare: IQ Shield Matte Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport

Available in a generous six-pack of protectors, IQ Shield coats the surface of its proprietary film with a satin finish to create a matte effect. You get superior anti-glare properties, which is useful if you use your Vivosport watch in brightly-lit environments. Another option that has self-healing technology to remove light scratches and marks, these protectors are covered by IQ Shield's Lifetime Warranty. These protectors are applied in a wet application process, so you get a glue-like liquid solution included, as well as a squeegee to help move the film into the correct place.

$8 at Amazon

UV light resistance: DeltaShield BodyArmor Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport

This six-pack of protectors from DeltaShield also uses a laser-precise design process to provide an accurate edge-to-edge fit for maximum protection. Backed by a hassle-free Lifetime Replacement Warranty, these protectors also have the self-healing technology to get small scratched and scuffs to disappear over time. 99.9% ultra-clear, these offer military-grade protection, are UV light resistant, and have anti-fingerprint properties. You apply these to your Garmin Vivosport's display using the wet application process with every you need, including instructions, in the box.

$8 at Amazon

Get protected

Any of these solutions will give you a robust level of protection for your Garmin Vivosport's display. Our overall staff pick, the Rbeik Clear Scratch-Resistant Screen Protectors, have that all-important 9H hardness rating will which shield your watch from even a blade.

If you use your Garmin Vivosport in bright conditions, then consider the IQ Shield Matte Screen Protectors. As well as offering protection from damage, this solution has anti-glare properties, making it easier to see your watch's screen.

Anyone who wants to guarantee protection for their Garmin Vivosport for the life of their device should take a look at the DeltaShield BodyArmor Screen Protectors for Garmin Vivosport. These come with a no questions asked lifetime replacement warranty, so you can rest assured your investment will be worth it.

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