Best SD cards for digital cameras 2022

Best Sd Cards Hero
Best Sd Cards Hero (Image credit: Lexar)

You need a high-quality SD card for today's best digital cameras. Whether you want a big card to hold vacation photos for a week, one that prioritizes read/write speed, or a budget-friendly model, we have you covered. Not all SD cards are created equal! Read on to learn about the best SD cards for digital cameras today.

The right SD card for your camera

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Each camera has different memory card requirements, and although there's some overlap with digital cameras, it's best to check with your camera manufacturer before making big buys. If you shoot in RAW, do action photography, or film video, our top pick is the SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB. This UHS-I card reads/writes fast and can handle a full weekend of shooting.

You'll get a speedy card at a price that's nice with PNY's 32GB Elite SD card. It reads up to 100MB/s and is ideal for HD photography and video. If you shoot professionally, go with the Sony M Series. Read speeds are crazy-fast at 260MB/s, and this card is waterproof and dustproof.

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