Best Sleep Masks for Plane Travel iMore 2020

If you're one of the many people that finds it really hard to get some shut-eye on a long haul flight, we can help. A sleep mask is a simple, yet clever solution to help you drift off as you drift through the clouds. There are many different kinds of sleep masks designed to block out ambient light, with a wide variety of shapes, styles, and textures to suit your needs. From luxury silken options to modern memory foam designs, here are some of the best.

Lightweight and simple: Sipwell Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask

Staff Pick

This mask is so simple; it's just a whisper of silk across your eyes that blocks out much of the light around you. It doesn't feel heavy on the face, nor does it take up much room in your bag. It has an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit for you.

$9 at Amazon

Handmade: Mavogel Sleep Mask

This cotton mask is made by hand for comfort and a great fit. It has layers of softness and a triangle flap on the side to maximize comfort and minimize light leakage. You can choose between grey or black. It comes complete with a travel pouch.

$10 at Amazon

Three pack: YIVIEW Sleep Mask Pack

You get three contoured sleep masks for around the price of one with this great budget option. The contoured design keeps the fabric from touching your eyes, a good choice for eye make-up wearers. There is a choice of three color combinations.

$10 at Amazon

Earplugs included: OriHea Sleep Mask

This contoured mask has deep eye cups, so nothing touches your eyes. A set of foam earplugs (another helpful item for sleeping on planes) and a drawstring travel bag is included. It comes in classic black and has a hair-friendly velcro closure.

$8 at Amazon

Memory foam and earplugs: MZOO Sleep Mask

This unique memory foam design goes around the eye, mask-like, with no fabric touching the eye and a contoured area to ensure you can breathe easily while wearing it. A useful set of earplugs and a handy drawstring travel bag are included.

$18 at Amazon

Fillable eye pillow: Asutra Weighted Silk Eye Pillow

More than a sleep mask, this luxury item is a lavender-scented zippered eye pillow filled with flax seeds. It's made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials, it's paraben-free, organic, and not tested on animals.

$19 at Amazon

Get some Zzzzzs…

A sleep mask is an integral part of sleeping on an airplane. Which mask you choose depends entirely on your personal taste and what you find comfortable. We like the lightweight simplicity of the Sipwell Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask.

Eye masks that don't touch your eyes are a popular choice for people that wear mascara. You have several to chose from, including the affordable three-pack of masks from YIVIEW.

If you really need help sleeping on an airplane, then consider a solution that also includes earplugs, like the MZOO Sleep Mask. It's made of ultra-comfy memory foam so should help you get some sleep.

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