Best Sleep Noise Machines for Insomniacs iMore 2020

Seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended, but for all the insomniacs out there, that's a tough goal to reach. Whether you can't sleep because of your noisy neighbors or it's just too quiet in your house, a sleep noise machine might be exactly what you're looking for. We've chosen the best for white noise, natural sounds, and one machine that does it all to help you (hopefully) get your full eight hours.

Most versitility: Sound+Sleep

There are 10 sounds to choose from, each with three different levels of richness (more noises added to each level) and recorded live for that genuine sound. The sleep timer allows up to 120 minutes of play and slowly reduces the volume to keep you asleep.

$82 at Amazon

White Noise: 'LectroFan

Offering 10 different fan sounds, and 10 types of white noise, you won't need anything else to fill the silence. Loud roommates, construction, or the dog that always barks at 5 a.m. won't be a problem anymore with how well the LectroFan can block out the noise.

$50 at Amazon

Natural Sounds: The Big Red Rooster

Small, lightweight, and cheap, the Big Red Rooster is a great sound machine for home or travel. There are six different sounds to lull you to sleep at home or in a hotel room: rain, brook, thunder, white noise, ocean, and summer night.

$15 at Amazon

Both white noise and nature sounds are great for falling asleep, but the addition of city noises and more with the Sound+Sleep is the reason why it's our favorite. While the others may have their own unique sounds, the number of choices in the Sound+Sleep are too great to pass up!

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