Best sleeves for iPad Air 3 iMore 2019

Excited to get your hands on the new iPad Air 3? Yeah, we know the feeling! But once you get that shiny new tablet that's packed with a ton of awesome features, you'll want to make sure that it's safe and secure when you're not using it. That's when a sleeve comes in handy. These are some of the better picks out there for iPad Air 3 sleeves.

Take it on the go: Tomtoc 10.5-11 inch Tablet Shoulder Bag

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This shoulder bag from tomtoc perfectly fits any tablet that's 10.5-11 inches in size, so it's great for your iPad Air 3. The sleeve has their patented CornerArmor, so the sleeve will absorb impact when it bumps into something, saving your iPad Air 3. The inside is lined with a soft microfiber material, and there's a pocket on the outside for any accessories you need, including Apple Pencil. The shoulder strap is adjustable and makes this the perfect sleeve to take while you're on the move.

$31 at Amazon

Minimal style: MOSISO Sleeve Case

The MOSISO Sleeve Case is perfect for your new iPad Air 3. Your iPad Air 3 will fit perfectly in this polyester sleeve, and it has a zippered pocket on the front to store accessories like charging cables and earbuds. The inside of the sleeve is lined with a fluffy fleece material to prevent scratches, and there's enough padding to keep your tablet safe.

$12 at Amazon

Like a pro: ProCase Felt Sleeve Case

If you like the look and feel of felt, then this sleeve is a good option. It will perfectly fit the iPad Air 3, along with other similarly sized tablets. It's made with a felt material on the outside and flannel lined interior, giving you that distinctive look when carrying your tablet around. This sleeve is slim, lightweight, and will keep your tablet in place until you need to use it. You can choose between black or gray felt.

$11 at Amazon

Classy leather: ProCase Wallet Sleeve Case

When you need that extra touch of professionalism and elegance, you go for leather. This Wallet Sleeve Case from ProCase is made of a genuine leather exterior that takes you to the next level. The interior is lined with microfiber to prevent scratches, and the sleeve carries an overall slim and lightweight profile. There's even a stylus holder for your Apple Pencil. You can look like a million bucks without spending a lot, which is always a bonus.

$16 at Amazon

Simple yet elegant: Tomtoc Tablet Sleeve

Tomtoc makes good quality products, and this simple sleeve is another great option. This sleeve fits tablets between 10.5-11 inches, making it a nice companion for your iPad Air 3. The interior features a soft microfiber lining to keep your iPad Air 3 safe from scratches and nicks and the outside has a pocket for any necessary accessories. This sleeve is lightweight and slim, making it easy to fit inside of other bags. It even absorbs all shock, so your iPad is totally safe and protected.

$20 at Amazon

Stand out from the crowd: Fintie Tablet Sleeve with Stylus Holder

Fashionistas will love this tablet sleeve from Fintie. The exterior is made from soft, vegan leather that comes in your choice of color, including a bold and vibrant purple. The soft felt interior makes sure your iPad Air 3 doesn't get scratched up, and it will protect it from everyday bumps and nicks. A magnetic snap fastener keeps it all secure, so your iPad won't come out if you accidentally drop it. There's a slot to keep your Apple Pencil safe too. The sleeve is also slim and lightweight, fitting nicely inside other bags.

$10 at Amazon

Feel that felt: Inateck Tablet Sleeve Carrying Case

Inateck is a popular brand on Amazon, and they also have a felt sleeve offering. This one fits the iPad Air 3 nicely, and it has the felt exterior and flannel interior for that classy and professional look. There's also a second compartment within this sleeve that can hold small accessories, a magazine, or whatever else you need. There are even two small back pockets for your phone and other essentials. The velcro fastener means everything stays safe and secure inside until you need to pull them out.

$15 at Amazon

Just the basics: Fintie Sleeve with Pencil Holder

This Fintie sleeve will hold just the bare essentials. It's made of premium vegan leather and has a main compartment for your iPad Air 3, and above that is a slot for your Apple Pencil. It's simple, keeps your iPad safe when you're not using it, and keeps the Apple Pencil within reach at any time. Plus the price is right.

$9 at Amazon

Stylish minimalism: Fintie Slim Fit Sleeve

This sleeve is super simple: just slide your iPad Air into the case and fasten the buckle to keep it safely inside. The notch design makes it easy to get your tablet out when you need to use it. Your Apple Pencil can safely rest at the top where the buckle is, so you'll have everything you need. The vegan leather gives the sleeve a professional aesthetic.

$9 at Amazon

Go vertical: ProCase Vertical Felt Sleeve Case Cover

Felt is a popular choice when it comes to protective sleeves, and ProCase makes quite a few options. This felt sleeve is in a vertical orientation, making it great for those who want to store it in a vertical shoulder bag or backpack. This one also comes with a button fastener to keep everything safe and secure in the sleeve. This one also comes with a bonus accessory pouch with a button fastener, so you can store earbuds, cables, cards, and anything else you need on-the-go.

$16 at Amazon

So far, these are the sleeves that we found on Amazon that will help you keep your iPad Air 3 safe and secure. Personally, we like the tomtoc Tablet Shoulder Bag because it was designed for the iPad Air 3, there's plenty of room for necessary accessories, and the shoulder strap means you don't need to put this one inside another bag! It's super convenient, and that's what we like to see.

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