Regardless of the size of your iPad or iPad Pro, having a sleeve that protects it from bumps and scratches is the right call! Even if you have a case and a bag, a sleeve adds some extra cushion and flexibility.

They're also great solo, letting you effortlessly tote around your iPad or iPad Pro without much extra weight or fuss.

ProCase Sleeve Cover

If you're looking for a simple case that gives you additional storage for extra wires and gadgets while still protecting your iPad or iPad Pro without a ton of bulk, take a peek at the ProCase Sleeve Cover!

Designed to protect your iPad from dust, dirt, scratches, minor bumps and small falls, while still providing room for the additional tech and accessories you might need to use with your iPad, the ProCase Sleeve Cover comes with a 180-degree design, making access to your iPad as simple as pie.

You can pick up your ProCase Sleeve Cover for about $19 in four different, eye-catching colors, including teal with brown accents, light gray with turquoise accents, dark gray with orange accents, and black with brown accents.

If you're looking for a sleeve that is pretty much the textbook definition of minimalist, then check out the sleeve for iPad by nedrelow.

Designed to be as thin and out-of-the-way as humanly possible, the sleeve is made from a durable wool that protects your iPad's screen from shattering in the event of an accidental drop or fumble.

Because of the sleeve's simple design, it matches almost any workspace or outfit combination, so it'll never stick out like a sore thumb and look out of place. You can pick up the sleeve for about $30 in charcoal or a light grey color.

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sleeve for iPad

ESR iPad Pro sleeve

If you're someone who has a flair for fashion and wants their iPad sleeve to reflect that while still providing a reliable, durable layer of protection, then take a peek at the ESR iPad Pro sleeve!

Designed with a built-in Apple Pencil holder, a magnetic button to secure your iPad, and a striking metal accent at the corner that's designed to catch your eye, the ESR iPad Pro sleeve isn't just functional, it's super pretty to look at.

The sleeve will protect against scratches, scrapes, and any accidental bumps or bruises. The inside of the sleeve is lined with a super soft microfibre material, while the outside is made from a textured faux-leather for secure grip.

You can pick up the ESR iPad Pro sleeve for about $13 in six designs, including brown, black, light gray, tartan green, tartan pink, and dark grey.

byrd & belle iPad Pro sleeve with pockets

While super thin sleeves are excellent for reducing the amount of space your iPad takes up, one downside is the severe lack of storage space for extra cables & gadgets. Luckily, the byrd&belle iPad Pro sleeve combines the best of both worlds!

Designed and made from 100% Wool felt and measuring out at around 3mm thick, the byrd&belle iPad Pro sleeve with pockets makes it easy to tote around your iPad Pro plus a pencil, a notebook, your iPhone, and one or two other small accessories: one narrow pocket for your Apple Pencil or stylus, and one wider one for some other gear.

While this sleeve isn't the most secure and protective by any means, it will safeguard your iPad against scratches and scrapes, as well as light trauma, like a shortfall out of your backpack or a nudge off your office desk.

You can pick up the byrd&belle iPad Pro sleeve with pockets for about $48 in charcoal, or gray.

Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase

Impact-resistant, well-made, and perfect for being toted around in your work bag, the Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase is an excellent accessory for your iPad Pro!

The sleeve itself has an inside that's made from a high-grade neoprene, while a long-lasting, impact-resistant, super durable waxed canvas exterior protects your iPad Pro from the elements and the dangers of day-to-day life.

You can pick out your Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase for about $69 in colors like "black ballistic" or a brown "grizzly" leather.

Apple Leather Sleeve

Apple Leather Sleeve

If you plan on using your Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro more than any keyboard, you might want to check out Apple's new leather sleeves for the iPad Pro.

In addition to housing your iPad Pro, the sleeve also features an integrated holder for your Apple Pencil for easy access and secure storage while you're in transit.

The Apple Leather Sleeve is available for both the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro for $99.

SRS DIGICH Leather Sleeve

If you're worried about carrying around your iPad Pro with a little rain on your commute to work, and dig the look of leather, the SRS DIGICH Leather Sleeve is the perfect sleeve to slip your tablet into.

With a magnetic clip securing your iPad Pro in place, you don't have to worry about fiddling with your sleeve trying to unlock a mechanism when you want access to your device. Plus, the material has been treating with water-resistant coating, that should put you at ease if the sun isn't shinning while your outside.

You can get the SRS DIGICH Leather Sleeve for both the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in black, gold, pink, and sliver. It will cost you around $17.

What's your favorite sleeve?

Did your favorite iPad sleeve make our list, or were we fools and did we miss the best possible sleeve out there?!

Updated May 2018: We've added the SRS DIGICH Leather Sleeve to our list!.

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