Best Smart Blood Pressure Monitors 2022

Best Blood Pressure Monitors
Best Blood Pressure Monitors (Image credit: QardioArm)

A smart blood pressure monitor is something that an estimated third of American adults with high blood pressure should consider investing in. Any doctor will tell you that high blood pressure is not good since it puts you at a much higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Keeping track of your blood pressure used to involve going to the doctor or a pharmacy that had a working monitor you could use. Thankfully, with the rate at which technology is advancing, there's a wide range of smart, portable blood pressure monitors to help you and your loved ones keep better track of your health. Here's our pick of the best options available today.

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Overall the main things you want to look for in a BPM are accuracy, ease of use, and decent smartphone compatibility, so you can keep track of your readings. The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor will even sync with Kindle. All the options on this list are well-reviewed, and none of them are unreasonably expensive. No matter which one you choose, they will all help you keep better track of your health.

Our overall staff pick, the Omron Gold Wireless BPM, comes from one of the most trusted brands in the industry. It even offers a high morning average indicator to alert the user if systolic or diastolic measurements are out of normal range in the morning.

If you're shopping for a monitor for an elderly relative, consider the GreaterGoods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff and Kit as it has a very clear, easy-to-read display and can work with two different power sources for a belt-and-braces safe solution.

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