Best Smart Coffee Mugs iMore 2022

Making the perfect cup of coffee is one thing, but finding the perfect coffee mug is a whole other story, especially if you also want to take it on the go. If you're looking to sip your cup of joe in the most intelligent way possible, there are a few options to consider: here are the best smart coffee mugs out there!

Control + coffee: Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

Love your coffee or tea but need it to be the perfect temperature to enjoy it? The Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug has you covered! This smart mug is super simple to use: via the app, you can create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and monitor your beverage's temperature via seven sensors. Plus if things get too hot, there's a rapid cooling system so you don't burn yourself accidentally!

$150 at Amazon

Travel Mug 2.0: KISS KISS FISH Vacuum Flask Smart Coffee Tumbler

If you're looking for a beautifully designed mug that's both affordable and intelligent, then take a peek at the KISS KISS FISH Vacuum Flask Smart Coffee Tumbler. This mug uses a water temperature OLED display so you can always see the temperature of your coffee, and by sliding the switch on the mug, you can see the brewing time. This tumbler is also vacuum-insulated and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion.

$37 at Amazon

Price-efficient and practical: Puncia Electric Smart Mug

Set your mug to the perfect temperature and keep it constant with some help from the Puncia Electric Smart Mug. This smart mug has an LCD display that's able to show the precise temperature of your mug. You can set the Puncia Electric Smart Mug anywhere from 10 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius by simply using the + and - buttons directly on the mug. Plus, the Puncia Electric Smart Mug comes in a beautiful bright orange with a striking black finish.

$40 at Amazon

Keep your coffee warm all day: Ozmo Java+

Track your drink consumption, worry less about leaks, sync directly to your Fitbit and Apple Health, and keep your tea and coffee piping hot with a little assistance from the popular Ozmo Java+. This smart bottle keeps your beverages warm at 45 degrees Celsius and has 120 minutes of charge. The bottle comes with a vibration alert system in case it needs charging and can even be used to monitor how much water you consume in a day specifically.

$100 at Ozmo

Smart n' caffeinated: SmartShow Smart Mug plus Hydration Reminder

Temperature display? Check. High-temp alert? Check. Hydration Reminder? Check. LED screen? Check. Are we lusting over the SmartShow Smart Mug plus Hydration Reminder? Double check! This super smart mug isn't only incredibly stylish, but using its app you can monitor drinking times. If you forget which temperature is perfect, the SmartShow Smart Mug plus Hydration Reminder will give you a little reminder.

$58 at Amazon

Like your mug at home, but better: Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Want something that's more of a mug-mug and not a tumbler? Then the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug might be perfect for you! This simple mug comes in two colors, black and white, and allows users to save the presets for different drinks. Simply place the mug on the saucer and it will heat to the ideal temperature. Enjoy your piping hot tea/hot chocolate/coffee!

$80 at Amazon

We love the look and feel of all of these smart mugs, but there's something so home-y that reminds us of the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug. Regardless of whatever coffee mug you end up getting, we hope that your brew is always warm, and your mug is always intelligent.

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