Thank goodness we live in this time. Why carry bags and weigh them with old fashioned scales when they can follow you around with their internal scales — all convenience, no B.S. Plus, there are a bunch of bags that come with built-in batteries and USB ports, so you can charge all of your devices on the go.

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If you're an avid traveler or are constantly on the go for work, these are the best smart suitcases and carry-on bags to help you get where you need to go — the smart way.

Incase ProConnected 4-wheel Hubless Roller

The recently released Incase ProConnected is a traveler's dream. Its exterior is made from Incase's durable Wollenex material, which is densely woven to prevent tearing and flaws. The main attraction is the ProConnected's TSA-compliant battery, which has a 20,100mAh capacity — able to charge your MacBook via its USB-C port (PD), as well as other devices through two additional USB-A ports.

The battery comes out for when it's time to go through security or when you're up in the air and need to give your stuff a charge. The wheels also pop off to make storage easier. You can grab yours straight from Incase for around $400.


Away's smart carry-on bag is for folks who want their smart luggage to be fashionable along with functional. The durable and (so Away claims) unbreakable polycarbonate shell comes in eight colors and features 360-degree wheels to make yankin' it through the airport a breeze.

The smarts are in its ejectable battery, which Away claims can charge any phone about five times. The exact battery capacity isn't listed, but it's got to about around or over 20,000mAh if it can charge a phone five times. Oh, and there's even a "hidden" laundry bag for your dirty skivvies.

It's TSA-compliant! $225 for the "Carry-On" and $245 for the "Bigger Carry-On".

Néit's "The Check-In" bag is a $400 hardshell carry-on with a TSA-approved locking system, a carabiner handle (to go hands-free!), and you can add a Smart Unit ($49) at purchase, which lets you track your case via Néit's app.

Not using the case? It folds down to only 3 inches thick when it's empty. The wheels also fold away for easy storage and the carbiner handle also lets you hang the case up.

See at Néit{}


Planet Traveler Space Case SC1

If you're an astronaut on the go, then there's no better case for you than the Planet Traveler SC1. I mean, it's perfect if you're also earthbound like the rest of us. This might be the smartest case on the list, with its built-in GPS tracker, allowing you to track it anywhere in the world, and its fingerprint lock system, which lets you lock and unlock your case with your finger or through the Planet Traveler app.

There's a speaker system built-in, including a mic, so you can use it as a Bluetooth phone, as well as a traveling speaker, and you can arm it with an alarm, so if someone takes it too far away from you, it'll go off. It can get up to 225 hours on a single charge, and it features a 15,000mAh internal battery for charging your devices up on the go. This thing is $799 on Planet Traveler's site if you want any color other than black, but if you grab it on Amazon, it's only around $490.


Trunkster is still in preorder phase, so I can't say for sure if it belongs in with "the best" smart luggage, but its features suggest greatness to come. It features an internal GPS tracker, as well as a battery for charging all of your goodies, and even an internal scale, so you never have to go looking for that goofy hook scale thing again. It features a zipperless closure, hard shell, and an unconditional 5-year warranty should anything go awry.

Retail price is set to be around $500, and you can sign up at Trunkster to get notified when it becomes available.

Modobag: For when you want to look like a hilarious douche

If you can justify the $1500 price tag on this one, then more power to you. The Modobag is more than just a bag. Are you tired of walking through giant airports? With the Modobag, make walking a thing of the past — you can ride it. This is not a joke. Shipping in June 2018, the Modobag is a motorized, mini-bike-esque suitcase, complete with handles and brakes.

Modobag can go up to 6 miles on a single charge (so once around the Atlanta airport). It has two USB charging ports and you can add GPRS-GSM tracking if you so desire.

What's in your bag?

Do you use smart luggage? Which bag and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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