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Sony has been impressing everyone with their amazing new cameras that will have noticible impovements in photos the moment you snap your first picture. If you've been considering a camera to begin your photography career, we recommend the Sony Alpha a7 III. For those established as professionals, or looking for more casual uses, we've compiled a list of some of the best cameras for any use you would need.

Best Overall: Sony Alpha a7 III

This award winning mirrorless camera will provide you with everything a camera should for anyone seriously looking to get into photography. With amazing burst photos (177 jpeg or 40 RAW images per burst), 93% frame AF, and more, this camera will provide you with the best quality images at a reasonable price.

The battery life will keep you taking pictures for as long as you need. Film in 4k and slow motion with incredible results. Compared to competitor brands, Sony Alpha a7 provides a plethora of tools, such as superior noise reduction, to improve each shot you take with a better price. Whether this is your first step into professional photography, or if you've been doing some work for a while, this camera will cover everything you need.


  • Fast burst mode
  • Great battery life
  • Amazing photo correction features


  • Poor menu navigation
  • Heavy weight with lenses

Best Overall

Sony Alpha a7 III

Best in its class

Compared to all other entry level cameras, this one has the best quality for prices that others can't compete with.

Best for the Family: Sony DSCWX220/B

If you're not looking for anything too serious and just want a great camera to supplement your blog or take pictures at family events, this is the camera for you. It's at a great price compared to high quality, professional cameras. You won't be filming in 4k, but you'll still get great HD recording in 1080/60p.

You won't have to worry about editing your photos. This camera will help clear out noise and has sensors for low light. You can also make use of the added picture effects. Once you've taken the pictures, you can transfer them to your phone using Wi-Fi and NFC. A simple device for some great pictures, this is definitely the best camera to share with the whole family.


  • Cheap
  • Beginner friendly
  • Compact size


  • Buttons are very tiny and hard to press
  • Non-professional quality

Best for the Family

Sony DSCWX220/B

Family friendly

Share this camera with anyone in the family for great pictures from parties, vacations, and more. The auto correction features make it easy for anyone.

Best Miniature: Sony RX0 II

Something out of a spy movie, this camera is much smaller than your phone, but it still manages to provide some of the best action shots of all of Sony's cameras. Waterproof, fallproof, and crushproof, you can feel safe taking this camera on-the-go with you. Perfect for hiking, traveling, or pretty much anything, the Sony RX0 II can easily fit in your pocket.

Size isn't everything this camera has to show; it can also take high resolution pictures or enjoy filming in 4k. Film in slow motion with frame rates up to 960/1000 fps, or connect several cameras at once to film from different angles. The size of the camera allows for side by side 3D shooting possibilities and other tricks that can not be done with larger cameras. Connect and syncronize anywhere from 6 to 20 cameras with the 7.2 or later version of the Imaging Edge Mobile app.


  • Extremely tiny 1 inch size
  • Connect up to 20 cameras


  • Low battery life
  • Can overheat and shut down in a short time

Best Miniature

Sony RX0 II

Small and Strong

Don't let a bulky camera keep you from bringing it along. Take beautiful photos anywhere with the smallest yet durable camera you've ever seen!

Best Zoom: Sony Cyber‑Shot RX10 IV

Whether you're taking videos or photos, this camera will give you the best ability to zoom in quick with quality. The maximum aperture of the lens is F2.4-F4.0, giving beautiful quality to photos far away. When compared to a DSLR camera, to get the same quality of pictures in the same range you would need several lenses for the DSLR. The Cyber-Shot doesn't require a lens change, so you don't lose out on the perfect shot.

Along with the fantastic zoom abilities, this camera is quick with a maximum shutter speed of 1/32000 second. The SteadyShot image stabilization smooths out your pictures to prevent any blurs. The stabilization combined with the zoom helps keep your far ranged photos looking just as perfect as the close-ups.


  • Amazing long range
  • Fast picture taking
  • 4k video


  • Disorganized menus
  • Large size
  • No time lapse feature

Best Zoom

Sony Cyber‑Shot RX10 IV

Near, far, wherever you are

Take breathtaking photos in your backyard or across the field with this camera. Perfect for fast paced sporting events, even from the furthest seats.

Best Professional: Sony a9

Not a fan of Sony cameras for your professional photos? You might be now with the Sony a9! A lot of people have been switching over to Sony for the amazing features they now provide. The autofocus on this camera is one to brag about with it's almost instant and accurate facial recognition, allowing to snap a focused photo quickly.

The design of the camera makes it very comfortable in your hands and the buttons are easily accessible. The camera features dual media slots, giving you a few different options to utilize them such as simultaneously saving RAW photos on one and JPEGs on the other. Another new feature to Sony cameras is the joystick which allows you to scroll your focus point to different parts of the photo.

For those looking to take some video, the a9 has 4k11 video10 recording that fills the full frame. There's also the option of filming in Full HD11 while using AF tracking. The possibilities of this camera seem endless whether you want to shoot a clip for a video, or if you're looking to take professional photos for weddings. We definitely recommend giving Sony a9 a try over the competitors.


  • Very accurate autofocus
  • Comfortable design with easy to use controls
  • Two card slots


  • Banding issues
  • Expensive

Best for Professionals

Sony a9

Switch to Sony

If you're a professional photographer, it's time to make the switch to Sony a9. Get the perfect focus before the moment is gone.

Best for a Budget: Sony DSCHX80/B

Good quality and affordable price is what this camera is all about. This compact camera has a zoom function up to 30x with a ZEISS T coating to protect you from screen flares. Not only great for pictures at a distance, the screen can be rotated 180 degrees for the perfect selfies.

Along with the camera, you can download an app called PlayMemories which will give you the ability to edit your photos once they've been transferred to your phone through Wi-Fi. When you're finished editing, the app lets you easily upload the pictures to your Facebook or Instagram. The camera offers a lot of fun aspects to it, but if you're looking to take professional photos it may not be the camera for you, though we do recommend this camera if photography is a hobby you really enjoy.


  • Cheap
  • Good zoom function
  • Quick and easy access to photos online


  • Trouble with AF in poorly lit areas
  • 4k not available

Best for a Budget

Sony DSCHX80/B

Take pictures, save money

Why spend thousands of dollars on a high end camera if you're taking pictures for fun? This camera gives great pictures at a great price.

Bottom line

From professional to playful, there's a lot of different cameras out there. For those of you not looking to get into professional photography, take a look at a few of the lower budget and family friendly options listed. On the contrary, if you already are a photographer looking to upgrade, there's a few good choices for you. Regardless of the specifics you are looking for, Sony's digital cameras have been raising the bar higher and higher and if you already haven't now is the time to switch over.

If you're looking for a camera that beats out its competitors in both price and quality, the Sony Alpha a7 III. If you're looking to get serious in your picture taking this is the perfect camera to begin with. Built in tools will keep your photos perfectly focused while taking them at the high speeds you need. If you're looking to start a business, this camera is the perfect place to begin.

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