Best Sony digital cameras 2022

hero-sony-cameras (Image credit: Fabio Alves)

Year after year, Sony puts out the best digital camera. They've been ahead of the pack for more than a decade, deep-diving into the mirrorless world when other manufacturers stuck to antiquated DSLRs with outdated specs. What's the best Sony digital camera? That depends on what you shoot. Today, we're taking a fresh look at the best Sony has to offer photographers.

The best of the best Sony digital cameras

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And there you have it, our picks of the litter for the best Sony digital cameras this year. Sony has a mature line of cameras, lots of available accessories, and a lens collection that impresses. Our top pick is the Sony A7 III. It's a small interchangeable lens camera with a full-frame sensor and IBIS. And unlike other full-frame models, Sony's files are easy to work with in Photoshop.

If you're a vlogger, set your sights on the Sony ZV-1. It has a flip screen for perfect framing of selfies and videos and comes with a windscreen and fast hybrid AF.

Professionals with big dreams and big budgets will love the Sony A7R IV. It's the world's first 61MP full-frame mirrorless camera, and image quality is on a whole different level.

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