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Best Standing Desks iMore 2021

Let us help you choose the best standing desk for your needs. Sitting constantly is not great for your health, but it's not always easy to avoid if your job puts you in front of a computer all day. Some of the desks listed here are complete desks, while other products convert your regular desk into a standing desk. A popular standing desk here at iMore is the Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk. Covering a variety of features and price points, here are some of the best standing desks you can buy.

Best Overall: Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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The Flexispot adjustable desk has everything you'd expect from a standing desk: a large and sturdy work area, easily adjustable height, and several color and size options to suit any decor. The electric motor that raises and lowers the desk is whisper-quiet and works with the touch of a button. You can even pre-set three different heights to suit your preferences. My colleague Nicolette reviewed a similar Flexispot standing desk, but this particular model is the desk I use, and I love it. In fact, just now, I realized I'd been sitting too long, so I hit my "standing pre-set button" and stood up to continue working. It took only a few seconds out of my workday to make the switch. You can also set the desk to alert you when you've been sitting too long.

You can choose a desktop ranging from 48-by-24-inches to 48-by-30-inches. Choose a base color and a desktop color to match your decor. The lowest sitting height is 28 inches, while the highest standing height is 47.6 inches, plus the desktop itself, which adds about an inch. If desired, you can purchase additional accessories such as an under-desk bike so you can exercise while you work or under-desk drawers for extra storage.


  • Full-sized, complete desk
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Sit, stand, or move
  • Adjust height with the touch of a button
  • Three custom pre-set height options
  • Variety of frame and top colors you can mix and match


  • One level

Best Overall

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best for most

Sit, stand, or move with this flexible sit-to-stand adjustable desk.

Best Budget Desk: BestOffice Standing Desk

BestOffice Standing DeskSource: Amazon

Go from sitting to standing in less than a minute. The BestOffice Standing Desk adjusts from 29 to 45 inches in height when you crank the handle on the side. The workspace is 48 inches by 24 inches, large enough for two monitors. A small slot on the front provides a space to stash your tablet, cell phone, or office supplies. It's a great desk to have, especially with all the additional features. Plus, it comes in two different colors: black and white.


  • Complete desk
  • Large work area
  • Sit or stand


  • One level

Best Budget Desk

BestOffice Standing Desk


This straightforward standing desk has a large work area and adjusts from sitting to standing height with a hand crank.

Best Value Converter: Levit8 Folding Portable Standing Desk

Levit8 Portable Standing Desk Source: Levit8

Not completely sure you want to invest in a standing desk, but you want to try it? The Levit8 Folding Portable Standing Desk is a fantastic place to start. It comes flat and needs no tools or assembly. Simply open, cross, and twist to create a standing-height workspace on top of your existing desk. Fold it flat again when not in use, and put it in your bag for easy portability. Choose from four sizes for your perfect working height.


  • Inexpensive
  • No tools or assembly
  • Clever twist-to-open design


  • Not height-adjustable
  • Not "furniture"

Best Value Converter

Levit8 Folding Portable Standing Desk


With a tiny investment, you can start standing right now with this portable twist-to-open standing desk.

Best Two-Level: Stand Steady Tranzendesk

Stand Steady TranzendeskSource: Amazon

The Stand Steady Tranzendesk is a full-sized piece of furniture. The desktop measures 55 inches wide, plenty big enough for multiple computer screens. You can attach the included shelf with clamps. The shelf is the same width as the desk. The shelf can hold up to 35 pounds. You can adjust the desk's height via a hand crank from 29 up to 46 inches.


  • Wide workspace
  • Two levels
  • Adjusts for sitting or standing


  • Pricey

Best Two-Level

Stand Steady Tranzendesk


This extra-wide desk adjusts easily from sitting to standing and has a shelf that's just as wide.

Best Rolling Laptop Cart: Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Cart

Techni Mobili Sit To Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Cart LifestyleSource: Techni Mobili

The Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Laptop Cart is a nifty little rolling desk that adjusts from 30.75 to 45.5 inches in height. The desk itself is sized to fit a laptop. There is an open storage compartment and a storage drawer. The wheels on the bottom let you move the desk around, and they lock in place when you want it to stay put. This is the best standing desk for tiny spaces or when you need a mobile solution. You get two color options: Black or Chocolate.


  • Easily mobile with wheels that lock
  • Adjust from sitting to standing
  • Ample storage areas
  • Well-priced


  • Only desk space for a laptop

Best Rolling Laptop Cart

Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Cart

Small space solution

This space-saving rolling laptop cart with storage adjusts from sitting to standing, and it won't break the bank.

Best Basic Tabletop Desk: BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk

BRIGHT STONE Standing DeskSource: Amazon

The simple BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk easily converts your ordinary desk into a standing desk. Just set it right on top of your existing desk. Adjust the height from 2.36 to 16.1 inches smoothly with a pull of the handle. The workspace surface measures 20.1 by 31.5 inches, with plenty of room for a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This desk comes fully assembled, so just take it out of the box and get to work.


  • Use with existing desk
  • Large workspace
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Converts from sitting to standing with the pull of a handle


  • You still need a desk to place it on

Best Basic Tabletop Desk

BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk

Simple, but effective

Turn your regular desk into a sit-to-stand desk with a pull of a handle.

Best Deluxe Tabletop Desk: RIF6 Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter

RIF6 Adjustable Height Standing Desk ConverterSource: Amazon

Place this two-level desk on top of your existing desk and raise it easily with the pneumatic lift. It can rise from 4.3 to 19.9 inches from the desk. The main surface is 31.5 by 15.7 inches and holds up to 33 pounds, sufficient for two monitors or a laptop plus a monitor. The keyboard level measures 31.3 by 11.8 inches and supports up to 4.4 pounds, more than enough for a keyboard and mouse.


  • Sleek-looking
  • Two levels
  • Slim base for tight spaces
  • Use on top of existing desk
  • Adjustable for sitting or standing


  • You still need a desk or table under it

Best Deluxe Tabletop Desk

RIF6 Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter


Place this two-level tabletop desk on top of your existing desk and adjust it from sitting height to standing height.

Bottom line

The bottom line is not to spend so much time with your bottom in a chair. Using a standing desk may help you become less sedentary and benefit your health. Before choosing the best standing desk for you, consider what features you need, how much workspace you need, and how much space you have. Do you want something adjustable so you can sit or stand throughout the day? Do you have a desk already and just need a tabletop desk to put on it? Or do you need an entirely new piece of furniture from the ground up?

A good all-around, full-sized standing desk is the Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk. If you have the room for it in your home or office, it's got a nice-sized work surface. You can use it as a sitting desk if you prefer to change things up. It adjusts to your desired height with the touch of a button. It only takes a few seconds to adjust it from a sitting height as low as 28 inches or a standing height up to 47.6 inches.

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