Best Star Wars PEZ Dispensers iMore 2022

The original model of PEZ dispenser, made in 1956, was called the space gun. So it is no surprise that Star Wars dispensers eventually became a thing. Star Wars PEZ dispensers hit the market 1997, and fans consider them an elegant dispenser for a more civilized age. Here are some of our favorites.

New Hope for your favorite: PEZ Candy Star Wars Random Assortment of Pez Dispensers With 2 Rolls of Refills

Staff favorite

Recreate excitement and surprise with this pack of random Star Wars PEZ dispensers. You can't be sure who's included, but characters like Rey or Darth Vader could be mixed in.

$19 at Amazon

The Funko Menace: Star Wars Funko POP PEZ Jawa Dispenser

Fire up your sandcrawler and scavenge this cool dispenser that combines PEZ, Star Wars, and Funko Pop! That distinct take on a Jawa will have your friends yelling "Utinni"!

$9 at Amazon

The Empire's Gift Pack: Pez Star Wars Rogue One Collectible Gift Tin

Witness the power of this fully stocked and operational candy station! This collectible Death Star tin contains four dispensers from the Dark Side. Give one to your favorite Sith.

$15 at Amazon

A-Pack of Porgs: PEZ Candy Star Wars Gift Set with Candy Pack of 2

Awaken the hero inside of the ones you love with these heroic PEZ dispensers from the Last Jedi. This 2-pack gift set includes candy refills and is perfect for all young padawans.

$9 at Amazon

A Solo Two Pack: PEZ Candy Twin Pack Star Wars Han Solo

Young Han and Chewbacca get in on the PEZ fun with these dispensers themed around "Solo: A Star Wars Story". Six packs of candies make these perfect party favors.

$7 at Amazon

Return of the Last Jedi: PEZ Star Wars The Last Jedi Dispenser and Candy Set

Themed around The Last Jedi, this set includes Rey, BB-8, a Porg, and a First Order Stormtrooper. Also Darth Vader, who is mentioned but not seen in the movie, is here and he's always welcome.

$28 at Amazon

May the PEZ be with you

These Star Wars PEZ dispensers give you many options for candy fun from a galaxy far away. Our top selection is the PEZ Candy Star Wars Random Assortment, which combines value along with the surprise of an assorted pack. I remember as a kid opening mystery packs while not knowing what will be inside. Plus with 12 dispensers in a pack, everyone at the party can be a part of the fun.

If you are more focused on displaying your Star Wars PEZ dispenser, the Funko Pop! line will look fantastic in a glass case in any living room, basement, or display in your home. If you tend more towards the Dark Side, consider the Rogue One Collectable Tin. It may be a gift set, but we won't tell if this is a gift for yourself. You are one with the PEZ, and the PEZ is one with you.

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