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We love cooking with our Instant Pots, but that steam release can be dangerous! We've gone through a few options and found the best one for diverting that hot steam away from you and your kitchen cabinets. The Steam Boss Steam Release Diverter accessory is a food-grade silicone elbow pipe that goes over your Instant Pot's pressure release valve to safely divert hot steam away at a 90-degree angle.

Our pick

The Steam Boss Steam Release Diverter

Divert steam for all Instant Pot models

This steam release accessory from is made of safe, food-grade silicone and is available in sizes to fit any Instant Pot.

Who should buy this steam diverter for Instant Pot?

If you cook with an Instant Pot, you know that quick release of the pressure valve means hot steam comes spewing out of the vent. Doing this repeatedly underneath your kitchen cabinets may cause the wood to twist and warp, and may even turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria. Steam diverters are great for all Instant Pot cookers who want to protect their kitchen cabinets and even their hands.

Is it a good time to buy a steam diverter?

A steam diverter is always going to be a handy accessory to have if you cook with your Instant Pot a lot. There's not really a wrong time to purchase one if you're a tad frightened of the hot steam and want to keep your cabinets safe.

Reasons to buy

  • Made of safe, food-grade silicone
  • Durable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Protects your hands and kitchen cabinets from hot steam
  • Keeps kitchen sanitary since hot steam and wood can breed bacteria.
  • This particular model fits most Instant Pots.

Reasons not to buy

  • Looks a bit silly on the Instant Pot
  • Steam may go up from the end of the diverter

Keep the steam away!

Pressure cooking with the Instant Pot is great, but steam that comes out from the pressure release valve is scary. I mean, it's super hot steam, and if your hand gets near that, talk about ouch! It's rather painful (trust me, I know from experience) and embarrassing when you get injured.

While the best option is to have your Instant Pot in a spot where cabinets aren't above it, sometimes this is hard due to lack of counter space. If you can relate, then a steam diverter is the best option.

The diverter helps to protect your hands from being near dangerously hot steam, and it protects kitchen cabinets.

Using a steam diverter is super easy. Just place the silicone elbow-shaped pipe on top of the valve where the pressure is released. Then point it away from you, and any nearby cabinets. When you turn the knob or press the button for pressure release, steam travels into the diverter and escapes out of the other end. The diverter should be pointed away from you and the cabinets into an open space.

Yes, while the steam diverter may look a bit silly, it's useful to have around, especially if you're working in a smaller kitchen. The diverter helps to protect your hands from being near dangerously hot steam, and it protects kitchen cabinets. Over time, repeated exposure to the hot steam can twist and warp the wood, leading to costly repairs and fixes. The hot steam also adds moisture, which can breed bacteria, and who wants that?

It's important to note that the steam diverter should only be placed on the valve after it's done cooking. Otherwise, if it's placed on the valve during cooking, it may release some pressure necessary for the food to cook.

Alternatives to The Steam Boss Instant Pot Steam Release

If the diverter from The Steam Boss is not available or too expensive for your taste, try these alternatives.


House Again Steam Release

Value pick for Duo, Smart, Ultra and Lux models

If you have Duo, Smart, Ultra and Lux models, then House Again's diverter is a good value. It's also made of food-grade silicone.

For those who only have a Duo, Smart, Ultra or Lux models, House Again's diverter is a reasonably priced option to consider. It stands up straight on the lid, fits well, and doesn't leak.

Value pick

Vnray 2-Pack Steam Release Diverters

Two for one!

Vrnay's Steam Release Accessory comes in a two-pack, so you get two steam diverters for the price of one from other brands.

The generic silicone steam release accessory from Vrany should fit over your Duo, Smart and Ultra Instant Pot pressure release valve and divert steam away from you and your cabinets. This item comes in a two-pack, which is great for multiple-pot households or those who want to have a spare.

Bottom line

The Steam Boss Steam Release Diverter is a durable diverter made of food-grade silicone that's available in sizes to fit all models of Instant Pot, keeping you and kitchen cabinets safe and sanitary.

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