Just before #CESlive ended, I ran back and took a look at all the stylus pens that were being shown off on the show floor. There's weren't any big new announcements, but I did get to go hands on with a lot of the most recent updates. I have to say, the improvements we're seeing are remarkable. Instead of dull and drab, we're getting sexy and stylish, instead of big plastic disks, we're getting fine points, instead of rubber nibs, we're getting interchangeable brushes, and instead of dumb, dead pens, we're getting Bluetooth 4.0 LE-based pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. And 2014 has only just begun!

We'll be putting all of the latest, greatest stylus pens head-to-head again this year, but for now, check out the video and let me know — does the idea of a stylus appeal to you? And if so, which one is your favorite?

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