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The fresher you can keep your tea before using it, the better. Keeping the air out is an especially important factor when choosing a tea storage container for your loose tea. Teabags that are individually sealed into foil packets don't necessarily need to be stored in an airtight container. If you're storing individually bagged and sealed teas, you'll probably want something with dividers to organize your stash. Here are some of the best containers for both kinds of tea.

All-around great: Airscape Storage Canister

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Planetary Design's Airscape Canister has two lids. The interior plunger lid presses down to the level of your tea to squeeze out all of the air and then locks into place. An integrated two-way CO2 valve within it keeps your tea fresh. The outer lid is really just cosmetic. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors.

Unusual design: Rakumi Glass Storage Container

If you want something beautiful in which to display your loose leaf tea as part of your decor, consider the uniquely styled Rakumi Glass Storage Container. It comes in various sizes; you can use this container to store tea or other dry goods.

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Great value: Snips Tea Bag Airtight Storage Box

This little container does double-duty. Use the dividers to organize your tea envelopes, or remove the divider and use it for your loose tea. This container is stackable, all the better if you have a large tea collection.

$11 at Amazon

Natural beauty: Leaves and Trees Y Glass Canister

This well-priced little canister is made of borosilicate glass. The lid is wood with a silicone gasket to keep air out. Choose from a three-inch or six-inch tall jar.

From $11 at Amazon

You spin me right round: Nifty Solutions Tea Bag Storage and Organizer Spinning Carousel

A nice countertop or in-cabinet solution for individually packaged tea bags is a spinning carousel. This lets you organize and see all of your teabag options with a twist of the wrist.

$20 at Amazon

Six-pack with labels: Encheng Glass Jars with Airtight Lids

If you like to keep several different tea blends on hand, consider this six-pack. Each jar measures 3.8-inches-by-4.5-inches and has a rubber gasket to help keep air out and freshness in. The set comes with extra gaskets in case of wear and tear, plus labels and pen so you can identify your tea blends.

$28 at Amazon

Compact solution: mDesign Plastic Organizer Storage Station

These slim three-drawer containers can slide into your kitchen cabinet or sit on your countertop; they won't take up a lot of space. You get two towers measuring seven-by-3.5-by-10 inches each to store your individually wrapped tea bags or other small items. You can also use these drawers horizontally; just flip each drawer 90°.

$28 at Amazon

Stackable: OXO POP Container, Rectangle Mini

Popular kitchen implements brand OXO makes this airtight, stackable container just right for tea at 0.6 quarts. You wouldn't have to search hard on Pinterest for vast pantries full of these containers in every shape and size. A press of the button on top engages the airtight seal.

$9 at Amazon

Complete set: Shazo Airtight 6 Piece Mini Container Set

This economical set comes with six small airtight, stackable containers, six spoons, eight vinyl reusable chalkboard labels, and a white marker. Each container measures 3.25-by-3.75-by-3.75 inches and seals shut with a flip of the ring on top.

$30 at Amazon

Beautiful Asian design: ZentealifeCom Japanese Tea Canister

If glass, metal, wood, and plastic looks don't appeal to you, check out this unusual canister suitable for countertop display. Sophisticated color printing technology is used to achieve this Takara Obi pattern. The double lid consists of an outer airtight tin lid and an inner food-grade plastic lid. Choose from two colors.

$11 at Amazon

Restaurant quality: The Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box

This classy tea chest is like something your server would bring out in a fancy restaurant when you order a cup of tea. Eight velvet-lined compartments house 80 of your favorite individually sealed tea bags, and a glass lid lets you check out your stash even when it's closed. Choose from several wood colors.

Travel-friendly: Tightpac America Teavac 6-Ounce Vacuum Sealed Tea Storage Container

This food-safe plastic container has a unique push-button vacuum seal system to seal out air and keep your tea fresher longer. The six-ounce canister measures 3.37-by-3.37-by-5.62 inches and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Which container is best?

I like the Airscape Storage Canister because of its clever design that pushes out the standing air inside to keep your tea fresher longer. It also looks quite nice with just about any decor.

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However, if you're storing tea bags that come in individually sealed envelopes, you don't need an airtight container. What you do need is a nice way to organize and display your teas, so you or your guests can see all of the options when choosing what to brew. The Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box is worthy of your finest teas.

On the other hand, if you just want something airtight, compact, and fairly inexpensive, I'd go with the extremely popular Rectangular Mini OXO POP Container. Buy one for your favorite loose leaf tea, or buy several and stack them. Heck, you can organize your entire pantry with all of the different sizes available in the OXO POP line if you're feeling really motivated.

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