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When you brew a pot of tea, you may not necessarily drink the whole pot before the tea begins to cool. Rather than reheating your tea cup by cup, why not get a teapot warmer to keep your tea nice and hot to the last drop? A traditional teapot warmer is basically a stand for your teapot with a tea light inside to provide warmth. Electric teapot warmers are a popular option now, too. Here are some of the best teapot warmers you can buy.

Yeosen Beverage Warmer

Temperature control: Yeosen Beverage Warmer

Staff Pick

While this is a general beverage warmer, not designed for teapots per se, it's worth checking out. With three temperature settings, you control how hot your tea will stay. The Yeosen Beverage Warmer shuts off automatically when you remove the pot, or after four hours.

$24 at Amazon
Simtive Teapot Warmer

Brushed steel: Simtive Teapot Warmer

This simple, well-priced teapot warmer is made of brushed stainless steel and has a unique look reminiscent of an animal print. Place your tea light in the center, and it will keep your teapot nice and toasty warm.

$13 at Amazon
SAKIi Teapot With Warmer

Teapot, too: SAKI Teapot With Warmer

If you don't already have the teapot, this simple and elegant set is worth a look. The white porcelain teapot comes with an infuser and holds up to 48 ounces of tea. It fits perfectly with the included tea light warmer.

$28 at Amazon
SAKI Samovar Tea Warmer

Tea for a crowd: SAKI Samovar

When you're serving a lot of tea, a Samovar like this will come in handy. Boil your water and keep it piping hot in the Samovar, then brew tea as needed in the included pot. It's a hot beverage station. Choose Black or White.

Sun's Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer

Lovely hearts: Sun's Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer

Sun's Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer is a circle of five heart-shaped columns that support a teapot up to 4.5 inches in diameter. Place a tea light in the middle, and your tea will stay nice and warm.

$13 at Amazon
Esschert Design USA Cast Iron Teapot Warmer

Multi-tasker: Esschert Design USA Cast Iron Teapot Warmer

This appealing cast iron teapot warmer could be used for just about anything. Place a tea light inside, and it warms your teapot or just about any food or beverage item. You could also use it without the tea light as a trivet to protect your table or counter.

$21 at Amazon

Colorful disk: BESTINNKITS Smart Warmer

This little disk is more appropriately-sized for a mug than a pot, but it could heat a small pot as well. There's no on/off switch; the gravity sensor turns on automatically when you place your item on the warmer. Choose from a variety of colors to suit any decor.

From $26 at Amazon
Jusalpha Fine China Flower Series Tea Set

Complete tea service: Jusalpha Fine China Flower Series Tea Set

This classically beautiful fine china set has everything you need to serve tea elegantly for up to four people. The tea service includes a 24-ounce teapot, infuser, four seven-ounce teacups, four saucers, four spoons, and a teapot warmer.

$46 at Amazon
Teabloom BOSTON Stainless Steel Tea Warmer

Simple and sturdy: Teabloom Boston Stainless Steel Tea Warmer

This simple, lovely teapot warmer holds any teapot up to about 12 centimeters (4.72 inches) in diameter. Place the tea light inside and the grill on top, and your teapot stays warm for hours. The durable, rust-free stainless steel warmer is dishwasher-safe.

$15 at Amazon
Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set

Glass tea service: Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set

This gorgeous set comes with a glass teapot and infuser, four double-walled glass teacups, a teapot warmer, and 12 flowering teas. Place a flowering tea into the teapot, pour hot water on top, and watch the flower bloom!

$70 at Amazon
Teabloom Celebration Teapot Warmer

Heat-proof glass: Teabloom Celebration Teapot Warmer

This universal teapot warmer is made of heat-proof, durable, hand-crafted borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Light the tea light and place it inside, place the metal grate on top, and your tea will stay warm for hours.

$15 at Amazon
Willow & Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle

For boiling the water: Willow & Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Obviously, this isn't a teapot warmer at all; it's a kettle. Place your water in it, set your temperature, and you'll have hot water less than a minute that will stay at the temperature you've picked. The gooseneck spout allows for precision pouring.

$49 at Amazon

Which warmer should you choose?

If your teapot fits, I'd go with the Yeosen Beverage Warmer. While it's not made specifically for teapots, it will warm any beverage that fits on its easy-clean glass surface. The gravity sensor turns it on automatically when you place something on it, and turns it off when you remove your beverage. Set it to keep your tea at 131, 149, or 167 degrees. The Yeosen Beverage Warmer will remember your favorite setting, so your tea will be just right for you every time.

If you need a whole tea service, I'd recommend the gorgeous Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set. The glass teapot lets you see the flowering tea that comes with the set. If you prefer to brew regular tea, you can use the included infuser or just use teabags. There's nothing like drinking out of a double-walled glass cup. It's an elegant experience, seeing your tea appear to float in the air, plus the double walls keep the temperature longer. Keep the teapot warm with the included warmer; just place a tea light inside, and your tea stays warm while you enjoy the flickering glow of the candle.

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