Best Tile Cases: Give Your Tile Some Style

You love your Tile — it helps you find your keys, your purse, your phone, your head, you life — so why not give back to the little device that's help you from losing your mind and pick up a stylish li'l case for it?

Here are the best cases available out there that're bound to give your Tile some serious style.

Orzeo stylish Tile case

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Made to protect your Tile from the harsh elements of the outside world, the Orzeo stylish Tile case is designed to keep dust, dirt, and scratches away from your Tile as you go about your daily life.

Though this particular case looks like it's made of leather, it's actually made from an imitation leather that's designed to cradle and hold your Tile (while still keeping it stylish and functional!)

You can pick up the Orzeo stylish Tile case in black, red, pink, and blue for around $9, but if you wanted to get all four colors to mix and match with different options, you can pick 'em all up for around $26.

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ANTS Tile Slim keychain

While this specific case if only designed for the Tile Slim, it's worth adding to our list because of its $10 price tag and fun and funky designs!

The ANTS Tile Slim keychain is designed to clip onto your keys effortlessly and hold your Tile device so it doesn't slim out of grasp during your hectic day-to-day activities.

You can pick up this faux-leather Tile holder in a variety of different patterns and colors, or you can grab a two-pack for around $15.

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Bueno Premium handmade genuine leather protective skin

Simply designed, reasonable priced, and highly rated online, the Bueno Premium handmade genuine leather protective skin is one Tile holder that'll have you looking sleek and stylish.

The Bueno Premium handmade genuine leather protective skin is made from a 100% cowhide leather, but promises to not have the overwhelming smell that accompanies most leather accessories. The case itself provides your Tile with full protection and resists shock, while a seal on the top makes sure your Tile won't slip out unexpectedly.

You can pick up a three-pack of this beautiful, classic brown leather Tile case for around $16.

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Fintie Tile Mate style case

Looking for an adorable Tile case that'll give you protection (and totally won't clash with your outfit?) Then check out the Fintie Tile Mate style case.

This $9 case has a perfect 5-star review on Amazon, while the design the case itself is meant to cradle and protect your Tile while still giving it the ability to work without any interruption. It also comes with a keychain option, making it fantastic for clipping onto purses or keys.

You can pick up the Fintie Tile Mate style case in colors like rose gold, black, and brown, or go for funkier colors and patterns like galaxy, trees and nature, or psychedelic shades of blue.

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All4Fit fashion keychain Tile cover

Keep it simple and stylish and pop your Tile into the All4Fit fashion keychain Tile cover today!

This little case is made to safely and securely hold your Tile, while the hole at the top of the case secures the Tile in place with a keychain-like attachment. The Tile will even be able to ring clearly through the case, so you won't have to be worried about any muffled sounds.

You can pick up the All4Fit fashion keychain Tile cover for only $6 in colors like black, brown, pink, red, blue, green, and purple, or you could pick up a variety pack (or two!) for a li'l extra.

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Is there a particular case that you've totally fallen in love with when it comes to your Tile?

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