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Best Cricut Joy Totes 2020

Cricut Joy Tote
Cricut Joy Tote (Image credit: Cricut)

The Cricut Joy is a fantastic crafting tool that allows you to create, cut, write, and draw just about anything you can dream up. Part of the Cricut Joy's appeal over other Cricut machines is its portability. Its small size makes it easy to take from room to room, or even on the go. If you're taking it out of the home, a tote designed just for the Cricut Joy is an excellent way to transport it safely. Cricut Joy totes also have pockets so you can organize your Cricut tools.

Which one is totes the best?

If you're taking your Cricut Joy out of the house, a tote is a good idea to keep it safe. Cricut's own tote (opens in new tab) is always going to be a great pick. You know it will be a perfect fit, and the color a perfect match for the Cricut Joy. The padding will protect your machine from bumps. This tote also has the Cricut branding on it, if that matters to you. It does have some room to carry accessories with you and keep them organized when you're on the go.

If you're really in the market for a daily dust cover that you might only occasionally take out of the house, the streamlined and inexpensive Yarwo Tote Bag (opens in new tab) may be all you need. It lacks the padding, shoulder strap, and multiple accessory compartments of other bags. But if you don't need all the extras, why pay for them or make room in your home? This one is sleek and simple.

On the other hand, if you want to carry your Cricut Joy plus lots of other tools, materials, and even your Easy Press Mini, the BGD-DG Carrying Case for Cricut Joy and Easy Press Mini (opens in new tab) may be your best bet. It carries everything securely in its multitude of pockets. It even has a luggage slide so you can slip it onto the handle of your rolling suitcase when you travel.