Winter is coming, and that means that using your phone outside is uncomfortable and makes for frigid digits. That is, unless you have some awesome touchscreen gloves that let you use your phone with toasty phalanges.

Not all gloves of this nature work very well, so here are the best of the best to keep you texting even when Jack Frost is nipping at your butt.

Top pick

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

These ultra-warm beauties are Mujjo's latest updated version of their popular touch capacitive gloves. They are made using a very tight, stretchy knit to protect your hands in extreme cold conditions and are built for wind resistance. Silicone grips are strategically laid out across the palms to ensure your phone doesn't slip out of your hands in wet weather, and Mujjo has made it so that you can use any fingertip, knuckle, and even the palm or heel of your hand.

$46 at Mujjo

Budget pick

Agloves unisex touchscreen gloves

These acrylic gloves have ten-finger functionality, meaning you can use any finger to use your phone, while keeping warm. They come in black, red, brown, navy, or white and in a few different sizes depending on the color you choose, with pricing start around $7. These aren't the thickest gloves around and probably won't do the trick when temps drop below zero, but should do for the early winter/milder places.

$7 at Amazon

True winter brand

The North Face Denali Etip

As a Canadian, I can attest to The North Face's quality. The Etips are a little on the bulky side for touchscreen gloves, so movement is somewhat difficult, but they work exceptionally well, even in colder weather. They come in men's and women's sizes and styles, so there's one for everybody, with pricing starting around $35.

$35 and up at Amazon

Best value

Moshi Digits

Moshi's gloves are nice and thick and woolly, making them perfect for places where the winter game is strong. Digits work well while also keeping your hands toasty, and their raised rubber lines and dots provide such good grip that you can use your phone one-handed. They're only available in light gray for now, though dark comes into stock now and then.

$30 at Moshi

Luxury for less

Elma Italian leather driving gloves

If you love the look and feel of leather, but don't want to spend a fortune, these are the absolute best gloves for you. These genuine Nappa leather gloves give you full touchscreen control, while keep your hands toasty thanks to fleece lining (or cashmere if you prefer, though it's not as warm). These are also available in women's sizes and styles.

$26 and up at Amazon

For the ladies

Gloue women's touchscreen gloves

These fleecee-lined gloves feature a sort of thin, furry cuff with three buttons, and they're all-black. The index fingers and thumbs on both gloves have touchscreen capabilities, and the inner fleece is like microfiber, which is soft and warm.

$9 at Amazon

Thinnest pick


If you live somewhere where winter isn't too cold, then the thinner GliderGloves may be your best option. There are four colors to choose from, and the entire glove is woven with copper, so you can use any finger to control your phone. There's also anti-slip material sewn into the palms so that you can keep a solid grip on your phone at all times.

$19 at Amazon

Warm 'n' woolly

Achiou touchscreen gloves

These wool-lined knitted gloves have that quintessential winter look, and they're available in four colors. Just index fingers, middle fingers, and thumbs are conductive, and they have non-slip material woven into the palm. The extended cuff helps keep your wrists warm and snow out of your sleeves.

$10 at Amazon

If you're going to be texting outside in the winter, then you might as well keep your fingers warm in the process. For thinner gloves that are great for coastal winters, GliderGloves have you covered, but for true warmth, nothing beats The North Face.

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