Apple Lightning cables keep fraying? These are the Best Tough Alternatives!

When you're using your Lightning cable every day to charge up your iPhone or iPad, eventually you're going to notice some wear and tear. Plus, you only get one Lightning cable in the box so if you want to charge your device at work and at home, it means you'll be carrying around your charging cable with you everywhere.

New cables from Apple cost $19 that's a lot of money to dish out every time a cable tears or for the convenience to charge two devices at a time or in two locations. The good news is there are plenty of cheaper and tougher Lightning cables out there.

AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable

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Tougher, cheaper, and longer than Apple's included Lightning cable, the AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable is perfect for people in need of an extra.

The 6-foot cable is not only braided making the cable itself stronger, but the ends are reinforced with rubber to prevent fraying and bending on the cables weakest point.

You can pick up the AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable for $12.

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BYZ braided Lightning cable — 3 pack

Looking for lots of Lightning cable replacements, look no further than the BYZ braided Lightning cable.

This pack of three cables are all 6 feet long, giving you the extra length you need to plug in anywhere, and are all braided nylon meaning the cord won't tear or rip as esily as Apple cable.

For only $15, you can pick up BYZ braided Lightning cables which are reinforced around the connectors to provide extra durability where it's needed most.

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Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

Highly rated with over 2,000 nearly 5-star reviews, durable, and ready for all the wear and tear you can throw at it, the Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable lasts six times longer than a regular lightning cable, and is bound to have you picking up one in every color!

Designed with dual-layer sheathing to reduce cable tension and tearing, and reinforced with stress points to prevent immediate fraying, this good-looking lightning cable even comes with an adjustable carrying pouch so you can easily (and stylishly) charge your devices on the go.

The Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable comes in four different colors including black, red, white, and gold, and goes for around $17 on Amazon.

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Native Union NIGHT Cable

If price isn't your main concern and you're looking for something super strong, incredibly durable, and ridiculously long, the Native Union NIGHT Cable is one fashionable and super functional Apple accessory.

Designed to be ultra-strong and withstand around two times more stress than a standard Lightning cable, the Native Union NIGHT Cable claims to be able to live through 17,000+ bends, twists, and strains throughout its lifetime.

The best part about the Native Union NIGHT Cable? The ball near the end of it, so you can easily charge your iPhone or iPad in bed from across the room without having the cable fall to the floor when you unplug it for a quick second!

You can pick up the NIGHT cable in red, marine blue, taupe, and zebra, but fair warning, they're a bit pricier than some other lightning cables out there – however, in our opinion, $39.99 is well worth it for this innovative charging accessory,

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Which Lightning cable to you use?

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