Best Travel Cases for Garmin Vivosmart HR iMore 2020

Each year, we come across hundreds of different travel cases for electronics — big and small. That includes your fitness tracker, whether it's a Fitbit or the Garmin Vivosmart HR. The ones presented here do a great job of protecting your Garmin fitness band and extra accessories when they aren't in use. Most are large enough to hold additional accessories at the same time as well.

Bring your baggie: BAGSMART 2-in-1

This simple case made of nylon is both durable and water-resistant. Use it to store your fitness band and other accessories. It's ideally suited for power adapters, memory cards, and more.

$19 at Amazon

Feel the softness: NIDOO Portable Felt Storage Pouch Bag Case

This felt case is soft and durable and is available in dark gray and normal gray. The case can help to store your fitness band and additional technology items. This is the case to get if you're looking for comfort and it's reasonably priced.

$9 at Amazon

For anti-shock protection: Jeystar Hard Shell Carry Case

This waterproof case was designed to carry a Garmin TomTom, not a Vivosmart. Nonetheless, it works well at carrying other electronics, including your favorite fitness band. The case also includes a carabiner clip and is considered anti-shock, so your tech won't get damaged by rogue electricity.

$10 at Amazon

Universal choice: ProCase Accessories Organizer Bag

Offering a double layer of protection, this portal organizer can hold almost all your electronics big and small, not just your fitness band. Use it to store your cables, power bank, and other accessories. If you own a 9.7-inch iPad, this is a good choice since it will also hold your tablet. There is also a hook and loop closure on the front for your phone.

$19 at Amazon

Environmental friendly: EVA On-The-Go Storage Zip Case

This universal storage case features a nylon layer and carabiner clip. With a built-in soft mesh pocket, the case works well for storing your replacement bands, external batteries, flash drives, and more. The accessory is described as water and shock resistant, which is a great addition given its low price.

$8 at Amazon

For prevention: AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case

Here's another basic case that provides secure storage space and prevents scratches for your most critical small electronics. Since this is Amazon, you can also watch for occasional price changes, making it even cheaper than its already low price.

$12 at Amazon

You don't have to spend a lot for a carrying case for your Garmin Vivosmart HR. Whether you're looking for a larger all-in-one solution or something a little bit smaller, the ones on this list will get the job done. Your Garmin will not only be protected, but you'll be able to carry a host of other accessories as well!

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