Best travel cases for Jabra Elite 65t iMore 2020

If you're traveling, you typically want a high-quality suitcase that won't explode once it's tossed into the cargo hold of the airplane — so why not have a case that'll keep your Jabra Elite 65t headphones safe n' secure, too? Here are some of the best and highly rated travel cases for your in-ear headphones to check out before your next adventure!

Ready to travel: Aproca Hard Case

Staff pick

Small but mighty, the Aproca Hard Case is designed to keep your Jabra Elite 65t earbuds wrapped in a cocoon of security while you travel from point A to point B. This semi-waterproof case is made of high quality, eco-friendly material that's designed to cradle your earphones while still providing additional storage space for cords and wires. The Aproca Hard Case comes in black.

$13 at Amazon

Straight from the source: Jabra Elite Charging Case

Sometimes buying from the company that makes the product you're looking to protect is a terrific option (even if the price tag is a wee bit higher than most!) The Jabra Elite Charging Case allows you to protect and charge your ear pods batteries while on the go. The gold color of the case also makes it easy to spot in a dark and crowded bag, making it simple to grab your Jabra Elite 65ts for your journey ahead.

$70 at Amazon

Durable and reliable: Hermitshell Travel Case

Protection? Check. Minimalist design? Check. Extra storage space? Check, check, and double check! The Hermitshell Travel Case is a durable little case that promises to protect your earbuds from bumps and scratches while you're out exploring the world. The double-zipper design allows you to easily access your Jabra Elite 65ts, while the clip on the side permits you to attach the case to your carry-on bag, purse, or backpack in a jiffy.

$19 at Amazon

Fits like a glove: RLSOCO Carrying Case

Keep your Jabra Elite 65ts secure and protected with some help from the RLSOCO Carrying Case. This sleek case is designed specifically to fit these types of earphones, while the bottom of the device is sculpted into 2 compartments for easy access. The top holds an additional pouch if you're carrying extra cords and wires, and a middle divider in the case prevents scratches or damage on your Jabra Elite 65t earbuds if you're storing both.

$16 at Amazon

Highly rated and respected: Aenllosi Hard Case

Highly rated and ready to protect, the Aenllosi Hard Case is a cost-efficient option if you're looking to travel with your earbuds. This particular travel buddy is made from a crush resistant and water resistant material, while the inside of the case is soft and luxurious to the touch. An additional mesh pocket on the inside of the case allows for extra storage if need be.

$20 at Amazon

Safety meets storage: Khanka Hard Travel Case

Store your Jabra Elite 65ts in a safe and secure way as you travel with some help from the Khanka Hard Travel Case. This case comes with a zipper for easy access to your earbuds and is designed with a hand-strap that can be attached and reattached if you're running from one terminal to the next. The Khanka Hard Travel Case comes in black, while the zipper attachment has a fun pop of color.

$17 at Amazon

Whether you're traveling to the Sahara Desert or taking a train trip to grandmother's house, a travel case is always an appropriate accessory. We personally love the look and feel of the Hermitshell Travel Case, but we also love the price tag of the Aproca Hard Case! Regardless of what you decide, we hope you're able to explore with a bit more comfort and security thanks to our list. Happy travels!

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