Best Travel Cases for Polaroid Pop iMore 2022

The Polaroid Pop camera is one of the coolest ways to take pictures with your family and friends, and as with most gadgets, you want to find a good way to protect and carry it when you're out and about. There's a lot of options out there to choose from, so we've compiled a good list to get you started.


Straight from the source: Polaroid EVA Case

Staff Favorite

When I shop for accessories, I like to start at the source. Usually, the folks who make the product also put out top of the line accessories. The EVA Case from Polaroid is a durable, stylish companion for your Pop camera. The design hugs your camera while the interior soft felt lining prevents scratches on the lens and LCD. The EVA unzips on three sides so you can get to your Pop quickly, and it comes in five bold colors.

$20 at Amazon

Big enough for all your extras: LTGEM EVA Hard Case

If you need a bigger case for your travels, the LTGEM EVA Hard Case checks all the right boxes. This case is water-resistant and big enough to keep your camera, a portable charger, some film, and all your cables out of harm's way. The carry handle slips over your wrist when needed or latches to a backpack with a carabiner. The LTGEM EVA is a tough case that will stand up to your adventures but not so big that you can't take it with you on any photo outing.

$15 at Amazon

A Little Bit Softer Now: Polaroid Soft Camera Case

This guy from Polaroid is a softer case for those who don't need the hardcore protection of a hard case or those who want to keep weight down. The Polaroid Soft Camera Case has a built-in pocket for photo paper and other small accessories. My favorite feature: a long, thick carrying strap that slips over your shoulder. Great design! This soft case comes in five subdued colors.

$20 at Amazon

Most functional: Fintie Protective Case for Polaroid POP

The coolest thing about the Fintie Protective Case is that you don't need to remove the camera from the case to shoot pictures. There are precise cutouts in the front and back of the case, right at the location of the lens and screen, so you can just point and shoot, guaranteeing you'll never miss the perfect shot again. The Fintie comes in pink or patterned blue-green, and the vegan-leather design is water-resistant.

$15 at Amazon

Carry everything: DURAGADGET DVA Carry Case

This case from DURAGADGET is perfect for those times you need to carry around a lot of other things with your Pop camera. It has plenty of pockets for all your accessories and other devices, and it can even hold another camera instant camera. The pockets are customizable and movable, thanks to hook-and-loop attachments, so you can fit exactly what you need inside. It comes in three colors: black, red, and blue, and it's super affordable.

$25 at Amazon

Handy and lightweight: Polaroid Originals Box Camera Bag

The Polaroid Originals Box Camera Bag is a large but lightweight carry-all. There's an interior zipped flap pocket for memory cards, cables, and other accessories you need to keep safe. A rear pocket is just large enough to store printed photos or your smartphone. Velcro closures keep the flap securely closed, and there's a long strap included to carry the bag over your shoulder.

$37 at Amazon

A vintage bag: DURAGADGET Brown Satchel

The DURAGADGET Brown Satchel is a leather-looking vintage case. Trimmed with dark brown leather, this case is every bit as functional as it is beautiful. Side pockets give you space for your smartphone or accessories, and the large interior space cuddles your camera in comfort. This case can stand up to Mother Nature, too. It's water-resistant is easy to clean.

$29 at Amazon

Which case is right for you?

Taking pictures with a Polaroid Pop is downright fun! And as durable as the Pop is, it needs a little protection against bumps, dings, and bad weather when accompanying you on your travels. My go-to case for day trips is the Polaroid EVA. Rigid in design, the EVA case provides the ultimate in protection while remaining lightweight. It also comes in five fun colors, so you can match the case with your outfit or your camera.

When you need to take more than your Pop along for the ride, check out the LTGEM EVA Hard Case. It's a perfect fit for those who take a portable charger, cables, and extra film with them on every outing.

And if you need even more space, the DURAGADGET EVA Carry Case has you covered. Store anything and everything inside, including your phone, charger, and passport.

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