Best Travel Cases for Powerbeats 4 iMore 2022

If you're considering purchasing the latest Powerbeats 4 earbuds, they already come with a nifty case. However, it's a good idea to have an extra on hand, especially if you do a lot of travelling. For commuting back and forth, you can keep a charging case at home and use a protective travel case for the road. Here, we've compiled the best travel cases for Powerbeats 4, no matter what you need them for. Please note that most of these cases state compatibility with Powerbeats 3, but they work just fine for Powerbeats 4 as well.

Smatree Headphone Hard Case

Simple value: Smatree Headphone Hard Case

Staff Pick

For simple protection at a good value, the Smatree Hard Case fits the bill. This inexpensive case will keep your Powerbeats well protected during travel or long commutes, without the weight or worry of an expensive charging case.

$10 at Amazon
Gb Pocket Size Hard Case Accessories

Best package deal: GB Hard Case Combo Pack

If you love a good package deal, check out the GeneralBrand Hard Case Combo. It's another serviceable travel case, but this one comes with an extra charging cable and four sets of mult-sized gel ear tips!

$17 at Amazon
Smatree Charging Case

Portable power: Smatree 1500mAh Charging Case

Along with our staff pick above, Smatree also offers a powerful 1,500mAh charging case that will hold enough power to charge your Powerbeats 4 up to eight times without ever plugging it in! This is a great choice for travelling.

$26 at Amazon
Mycharge Powergear Portable Charging Case

Charge and protect: myCharge Protective Charging Case

Another charging case, the myCharge is a protective hard case that also charges the Powerbeats at the same time. This one comes with a handy removable tray that helps to organize both the earbuds and the wire that connects them. This is definitely one of the best travel cases for Powerbeats 4.

$15 at Amazon
Risetech Earbud Storage Case

Waterproof protection: RISETECH Earbud Storage Case

Powerbeats are water resistant but certainly not waterproof, so it's advisable to keep them in a safe, dry carry case if you're around water. This RISETECH case has a hard, waterproof outer shell that keeps your Powerbeats and accessories dry.

$10 at Amazon
Smatree Charging Case

That smart leather look: Smatree Leather Charging Case

If you like that smart leather look, the Smatree Leather Case offers all the convenience of a portable charging case in a handsome PU leather package. It's a tad bit bigger than some other cases, but it works well to organize charging cables and other accessories.

$15 at Amazon
Hard Case Red Carabiner

Clip and go: GB Hard Case + RED Carabiner

Equipped with a handy red carabiner, this GeneralBrand hard case is great for hikers and travelers that prefer to keep their headphones in an accessible location. Clip the case onto the outside of a bag or backpack and head on out.

$13 at Amazon
Gb Pocket Size Carrying Case

Small & compact: GB Pocket-Sized Carrying Case

Looking for a case with a tiny footprint? This little pocket-sized case will fit your Powerbeats snugly inside, along with a charging cable or a couple of extra ear tips. In fact, it comes with three extra pairs of tips!

$16 at Amazon

Powerbeats To Go

If you were thinking there weren't many cases to choose from for the Powerbeats 4, think again! Our favorite is the Smatree Headphone Hard Case for simple protection and great value. It serves its purpose well at a nice tidy price.

If a charging case is what you need, check out the myCharge Case that comes with a handy removable organizer tray on the inside. This will keep your Powerbeats looking neat as you store and charge them. All in all, any of these best travel cases for Powerbeats 4 will serve you and your earbuds well.

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