Best Travel Cases for the PowerBeats Pro iMore 2022

The new Powerbeats Pro totally wireless headphones have been a hit since they launched. While there are plenty of good things to say about the headphones, you might want to consider some protection for the case while out and about — especially considering these aren't the cheapest headphones around. So whether you are looking for just some added coverage from drops or a complete travel case, we've got you (er...your headphones) covered.

Qiyiguo Powerbeats Pro case set - Amazon is only place I could find this

Two please: Qiyiguo Powerbeats Pro Silicone and Hard Travel Case Set

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Having options is great, and that's what you get with this set from Qiyiguo. If you'd just like to protect your Powerbeats Pro charging case from drops while you're on the go, then the silicone cover will be perfect. For extra protection as well as added storage for your charging cable and some extra rubber ear tips, then the zip-up hard case will do the trick. This set gives you options.

$13 at Amazon
AIRSPO floral print Powerbeats Pro case - mazon is only place I could find this

Some added flair: AIRSPO Silicone Case Cover for Powerbeats Pro

This silicone case cover from AIRSPO snugly fits around your headphones charging case giving it not only some extra style with their choice of four prints but also added protection. There's a pass-through hole on back to charge your case as well as an included carabiner to clip to a bag and keep the case closed.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Air Powerbeats Pro case

Wrap it in air: Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen is a well-known company when it comes to quality accessories for a variety of products, and their case for the Powerbeats Pro is no exception. This silicone case covers just over half of the charging case giving some protection from drops while also allowing you to charge the case and keep it from accidentally opening up.

$17 at Amazon
Hermitshell Powerbeats Pro hard case - Amazon is only place I could find this

It's ok to be a hermit: Hermitshell Hard Travel Case

This zip-up hardshell case from Hermitshell does a great job keeping your Powerbeats Pro case safe and secure while also giving you an extra pocket to store the charging cable while on the go. The case will hold up to the rigors of being at the bottom of a bag. Plus, it can withstand bouncing around clipped to the outside with the carabiner. There are even four different colors to choose from to help best fit your style.

$11 at Amazon
Coffea silicone Powerbeats Pro case - Amazon is only place I could find this

Choose from the rainbow: Coffea Powerbeats Pro Case Cover

While on the higher end of the price spectrum for these cases, it also covers the color spectrum for case options. Made from FDA approved silicone material, you get a high-impact resistance, charging pass-through, and a precise cut-out for the LED indicator on the Powerbeats Pro case. You'll also get a 1-year warranty for the case should any part of it malfunction.

$27 at Amazon
RLSOCO hard for Powerbeats Pro - Amazon is only place I could find this

It's so soft: RLSOCO Hard Case for Powerbeats Pro

Yes, this is a hard-side case, but the interior has a soft velvet texture. There's a strap on the outside that can be used to help secure it to your bag or just toss the case in the bag, and the hard shell will keep your headphones safe. The added pouch in the zip-up case also gives you a place to store your charging cable too.

$12 at Amazon

If we're making suggestions...

Getting a case for your Powerbeats Pro is much like getting a case for your phone. You might be getting a case for the sake of keeping them a bit safer should you accidentally drop the device, or maybe you want something to personalize your purchase better. Regardless of your reason, these cases can do both of them wonderfully. The set from Qiyiguo gives you not only a silicone case for bump protection, but it also gets you a more sturdy zip-up case for keeping your cord and headphones in one place.

If some added style is what you are looking for, then either the fashion prints from AIRSPO or the multiple options of two-tone colors from Coffea will be there for you. Each gives you protection from drops, easy pass-through charging for your cable, and lets you give your Powerbeats Pro an extra sense of style. So whether you are flying across the country or just a ride across town, these cases can help you keep your Powerbeats Pro safe and ready for you when you need them.

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