Best USB-C-to-Lightning cables for iPad Pro (2018) iMore 2019

Looking for the perfect USB-C-to-Lightning cable that'll fit your day-to-day lifestyle? iMore's got you covered: here are the best USB-C-to-Lightning cables around!

Straight from the source: Apple USB-C to Lighting Cable

Effortlessly connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with this 2 meter Apple USB-C to Lighting Cable. This particular cable is durable and can connect a variety of your Apple devices effortlessly and you can trust it's of quality because it's straight from Apple.

$35 at Apple

Cost efficient and stylish: METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you're looking for an affordable cable that's also quite sharp looking (and highly rated, too!) then take a peek at the METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable. This cable comes with both a USB-C end and a Lightning cable end that works with your Apple devices and comes with a little leather clasp to secure your cord. If anything is wrong with your METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable, you don't have to worry because a 24-month warranty has you covered.

$10 at Amazon

Pop-o-color: Crebri USB-C to Lightning Cable

Maybe you're looking for a cable with a pop of color! Us too, and that's why we really like the Crebri USB-C to Lightning Cable. This highly rated cable extends to be around 3.5 feet and works with your Apple products effortlessly. It comes in black, blue and silver and gold and red color combinations.

$16 at Amazon

Highly rated and reliable: AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable

AUKEY has been a trusted name in the world of tech forever, which is why we had to include their AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable on our list. This fast-charging USB-C-to-Lightning cable is highly rated and durable, promising a 12,000+ bend lifespan. The AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable is around 3-feet long.

$20 at Amazon

Whether you prefer your USB-C-to-Lighting cable long, colorful, woven, or anything in between, there are plenty of options out there to pick from. We personally love the little leather clasp that comes with the METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable (and the affordable price tag!) Good luck, and happy shopping!

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