Best Vinyl Decals to Make your Instant Pot Stand Out iMore 2022

So you have an Instant Pot now, congrats! That means you're an official "Pothead." I mean, how can we not like this wonderful little kitchen gadget that allows us to cook up delicious meals quickly and easily, with only one pot to clean up afterward? Really, the Instant Pot can do almost everything, and dinner has never been easier, but what if you're looking to add a bit of flair to your Instant Pot? There are plenty of vinyl decals that you can slap on it to give it some personality, so here are some great ones to consider.

Instant Pot cooking times decal

A handy reference: Instant Pot Cook Times Reference Decal

This decal serves a more practical purpose than others. It gives you the general cooking times for various foods, such as eggs, rice, meats, fish, poultry, beans, etc. If you haven't got the cook times down just yet, this decal serves a real purpose.

$6 at Etsy
Instant Potter harry potter lightning scar and glasses decal

Accio, Dinner!: Instant Potter Vinyl Sticker

What could be better than Harry Potter and Instant Pot? This decal features Harry Potter's signature lightning-shaped scar and round glasses, along with "Instant Potter" showcased in the traditional "Harry P" typeface. There are multiple colors available so you can customize it. Now, Accio, dinner!

$5 at Amazon
Dinner is coming direwolf decal

Forget about winter, it's about dinner!: Dinner Is Coming Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Vinyl Decal

Game of Thrones fans will definitely appreciate this one. It features the Direwolf sigil of House Stark and has the phrase "Dinner is coming" in the signature Game of Thrones font. Now, time to get dinner ready before the White Walkers come and make it all cold!

$8 at Amazon
David Bowie and Freddy Mercury Under Pressure vinyl decal image

Two classic rock legends: Under Pressure Instant Pot Decal

This decal features Freddie Mercury of Queen and David Bowie with the song title "Under Pressure." The song fits the Instant Pot perfectly since it cooks under pressure. Plus, once you see this, that amazing song will start playing in your head, and who doesn't like that song, honestly?

$5 at Etsy
I made a big pot of eat it or starve vinyl decal

For the households with picky eaters: I Made a Big Pot of Eat It or Starve Instant Pot Decal

Have some picky eaters in the family? Or maybe your significant other says they don't like the food cooked with the Instant Pot? Well, the "I Made a Big Pot of Eat It or Starve" decal is fairly self-explanatory and sure to turn some heads.

$5 at Etsy
Instant Pot covered in a magnetic whiteboard cover with magnetic dry erase markers

Make it your own: Instant Wraps Magnetic Whiteboard Wrap for Instant Pot Duo 8 Qt

This isn't quite a vinyl decal, but a large magnet with a whiteboard surface on the outside. With this, you can customize your Instant Pot with your own drawings, or even use it to label what's inside the pot, plan meals for the week, and more. It includes six dry erase markers so you can get started. Unfortunately, it is only available for the DUO80 8-quart size.

$20 at Amazon
Must cook all the things meme vinyl decal

Cook it all!: Must Cook All the Things Instant Pot Vinyl Decal

We love memes, right? And since the Instant Pot is great at cooking many things, why not get this decal? It features the classic "ALL THE THINGS" meme character, and the slogan "must cook all the things!" is next to them. After all, if you plan on cooking up a lot of meals with your Instant Pot, technically, it's true, right?

$6 at Amazon
Can you smell what the Pot is cooking decal

The Rock knows all: Can You Smell What the Pot is Cooking Vinyl Decal

Dwayne Johnson is quite well known for being The Rock, and one of his catchphrases is "Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?" This decal takes that classic phrase and adds an Instant Pot twist to it, but The Rock is still there, looking as cool as ever. Plus, with the kitchen filling up with the scent of your dinner, it's rather appropriate.

$7 at Etsy
That's what I do I cook and I know things game of thrones tyrion lannister vinyl decal

Wise Instant Pot: That's What I Do I Cook and I know Things Vinyl Decal

Here's another one for Game of Thrones fans. Tyrion Lannister's famous line, "That's what I do, I drink and know things" translates well for the Instant Pot when you replace "drink" with "cook." Don't question the wisdom of the Instant Pot, because it knows a lot of things, such as how to cook your meal.

$5 at Etsy
Electric pressure cooker cook time guide magnets

Magnetic references: Electric Pressure Cooker Cook Times Quick Reference Guide Magnets

If you want an alternative to the cook time reference guide decal that we mentioned earlier, this magnet set is a great option. It features a comprehensive guide to all of the foods that you may cook in the Instant Pot, along with all of their cooking times and proper liquid ratios. It's also color-coded for easy reference and legibility. You can stick this on your Instant Pot or just throw it on the refrigerator, which is probably nearby anyways.

$14 at Amazon

As great as the Instant Pot is, it definitely looks a little plain and is lacking personality. If you want it to stand out, you'll want to customize it a bit with some stickers or magnets, and these are some of our favorites out there because of their usefulness or uniqueness. Personally, my favorite one here is the Under Pressure decal, because that's one of my favorite songs. If you are looking for more, decals, there is an entire world of them over at Etsy.

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