If you haven't already considered adding an iPad wall mount inside your home you're missing out on a convenient hands-free solution for a number of different activities. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen without getting your iPad dirty or enjoy Netflix at your bedside without the fatigue of holding your tablet. Here are my favorite wall mounts for your iPad.

Dockem Koala Wall Mount

This Dockem Koala Wall Mount comes as two separate plastic brackets that adhere to any smooth, flat surface using 3M Command Strips on the back. You can set it up in portrait or landscape positions and convenient cord clips are built into each bracket in case you need to run your iPad charger to an outlet. If you're using an Apple Smart Cover, you can even tuck the cover behind the wall mount without having to remove it completely. It also works with cases as long as they're slim and not too bulky.

The mount can handle any size of iPad. but keep in mind that anytime you want to move the Koala Wall Mount to a new location, adjust its orientation, or resize it to fit a different iPad you'll need new 3M strips for a safe and secure hold. $15 on Amazon.

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount

If you have limited counter space, or are worried about spilling that boiling pasta water all of your iPad, CTA Digital's 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount stand is a perfect fit.

It comes with all the hardware you need for mounting it to a wall or under your top row of kitchen cabinets, so it's never in your way. The mount has multiple pivot points, making it very easy to move your iPad into multiple different positions and angles so you're never uncomfortable when looking at the screen. Plus, when you aren't using the stand, it folds up to lay as flat as possible against the wall or base of the cabinet.

Its easily adjustable clips, allow the CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount to accommodate any size of iPad and costs around $34.

Arkon Heavy Duty Wall Mount

Arkon is no stranger to the mounting market, crafting durable vehicle mounts for many years, but its Heavy-Duty Wall Mount for iPad is as sturdy and secure as you'll need.

This heavy-duty iPad wall mount has more than enough adjustments for finding the viewing angle that's right for you and can accommodate your iPad with the bulkiest of cases. Keeping the mount secure on your wall or table is a 4-hole drill base (screws included) and the 8-inch adjustable arm makes it easy to move your iPad in any direction. The holder features legs that slide in at the top and bottom and is completely rotatable for portrait or landscape orientations.

If you're after an iPad wall mount that's built tough and can hold your device with a case on — regardless of size — Arkon is the way to go. Grab if off Amazon for about $34.

Mount-It! Tablet Wall Mount

If you're hoping for a wall mount that can keep your iPad in place and secure so you can use it as a central hub for all your home automation technology, the Mount-It! Tablet Wall Mount is worth a look.

Although it only fits the iPad and iPad Air models, the Mount-It! Tablet Wall Mount keeps your iPad secure by screwing a casing around your iPad and retaining flush with the wall. You won't have to worry about any big mounting mechanism getting in the way of your friends, family, and guests. Plus, it even comes with a locking system that uses an Allan wrench, meaning you can rest assured it's not easy to just take off the wall. It even comes with all the hardware you need in the box.

While it is possible for the Mount-It! Tablet Wall Mount to open and close with a bit of work, the opening in the back will hold your lightning cable in place and keep your device charged, so you don't have to worry about even moving it if you don't want to.

You can get the Mount-It! Tablet Wall Mount in either black or white for around $32.

Updated April 2018: Completely revamped the list with new selections to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck!

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