Best Wall Mounts for iPad iMore 2020

If you haven't already considered adding an iPad wall mount inside your home, you're missing out on a convenient hands-free solution for several different activities, plus it can give older iPads a new lease on life. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen without getting your iPad dirty or use it as a HomeKit smart home hub, giving everyone access to controls in high traffic areas. Here are some of our favorites to help get you started.

One size fits all: elago Home Hub Mount

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elago's Home Hub Mount comes in the form of a two-piece system that allows it to fit any size iPad. Each piece extends out further than the iPad, creating bump protection and gives you plenty of clearance to hide your power cable behind it. This mount also comes in three different colors which help it to blend in with your iPad, and home decor.

$20 at Amazon

Cost effective: HSTMC Tablet Wall Mount

This affordable option uses magnets to keep your iPad secured to the wall. Simply stick the thin magnet piece to the back of your iPad, and attach the larger piece to your wall using the included double-sided tape and you are ready to go. The magnet also allows your iPad to stick to other surfaces such as refrigerators or furniture.

$14 at Amazon

Rotate it: AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount

The AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount features a rotating clamp design that works with the entire range of available iPads, as well as many other tablets. This mount doesn't sit flush against the wall, giving it extra flexibility, such as tilting that can give you the perfect angle. The 360-degree clamp also enables you to use your iPad in both portrait or landscape orientation without having to take it down.

$30 at Amazon

Work of art: iFrame for iPad

This beautiful mount for your iPad actually works as both a tabletop picture frame or on the wall. Available in three different finishes, this awesome design can fit in with almost any home decor. Since it is designed for iPads, the front is uncovered, giving you complete touchscreen access, and when not in use, it also works as a digital photo frame.

$69 at Amazon

Top of the line: iPort LAUNCH WallStation

The iPort LAUNCH WallStation is the ultimate iPad wall mount as it combines flexibility and convenience. This system allows you to remove your iPad at any time through a magnetic base. When you are ready to place it back on the wall, it will snap into place and charge your iPad through wireless charging. Just keep in mind that you will need to purchase a separate iPad specific size sleeve to make it all work.

$145 at Amazon

Flush mount: Home Media Systems in-Wall iPad Mount

If you want a mount that sits flush with your walls, then the Home Media Systems in-Wall iPad Mount is the one for you. This mount installs inside of your wall, allowing the face of your iPad to sit evenly with its surroundings. A clean white frame sits around it, giving it a truly custom look.

$33 at Amazon

Mount it

Mounting an iPad on a wall is a great way to add a little convenience in areas like the kitchen, and they can serve as the ultimate smart home control center. Make use of hands-free Siri, iPad Split View multitasking, or home control apps such as HomeCam, Wallflower, or the built-in Home app.

For a more permanent wall mount solution, the elago Home Hub is a fantastic, easy to install option that fits every size iPad around. This affordable two-piece mount also comes in a variety of colors, and it even includes a handy accessory to wrap your power cord around.

Need a little flexibility with your iPad? Then consider the AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount. This mount can rotate 360-degrees, enabling you to use it in both landscape and portrait orientation, and it can also tilt to provide better access and visibility.

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