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Running out of available USB ports is an absolute pain. The marrying of electrical wall outlets with USB ports is sheer genius. Being able to charge your iPhone and iPad, plus still have room to plug in lights, makes life easier. My favorite wall outlet with included USB ports is from Topgreener. It's an easy-to-install outlet with one USB-C port and one USB-A port. What are the best wall outlets with USB charging ports? Read on! I've rounded up a must-read list.

Best overall: Topgreener TU21558AC

Topgreener outlet in living spaceSource: Topgreener

If you're going to upgrade your outlets, it only makes sense to match new technology that you already own. Topgreener's USB wall outlet includes ultra-high-speed Type-A and reversible Type-C ports, plus two standard electrical sockets. For safety, the outlets are tamper-resistant and designed to prevent unwanted objects from being inserted.

This is a solid choice for small Type-C electronics like smartphones, fitness chargers, Nintendo Switch, and headphones. It does not support charging bigger items like laptops, nor does it have Fast Charge tech, so look elsewhere if that's what you need.

This kit includes the wall outlet and needed screws. It's available in white, gold, beige, and gray, so you can match it to your existing wall plate or paint color. If you have both USB-A and USB-C tech, this easy-to-install wall outlet from Topgreener is a no-brainer.


  • Supports USB-C and USB-A
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Protection against overcharging
  • Four color choices


  • Does not support Fast Charge technology
  • Cannot charge USB-C laptops

Best overall

Topgreener wall outlet with USB-c port

Topgreener TU21558AC

Adapter-free charging

It supports USB-A and USB-C. You can't charge your laptop, but going adapter-free when charging phones golden.

Best value: OviiTech 2-pack

Oviitech USB wall outlet in bedroomSource: Oviitech

Turn a standard outlet into a high-speed charger with OviiTech's budget-friendly wall socket and USB outlet combo. This attractive model is available in white or gold directly into the wall replacing a standard duplex outlet and is compatible with side and back wiring.

The USB ports are vertical, so you never need to crisscross cords to power your devices or use the outlets. The USB ports are compatible with USB 1.1, 2.1, and 3.0 devices and automatically adjust power output. This setup comes with an outlet, screws, and a screwless wall plate.

It's worth mentioning that this combo is larger than a standard receptacle, so you may need to work in a larger electrical gem box. Also, there's a logo on the outlet. It's visible, but it doesn't stick out, especially when the outlet is in use. If you're working with a tight budget, the 4.2A wall outlet with USB charging ports from Oviitech is worth every penny.


  • Screwless wall plate
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Vertical USB ports


  • Larger than a standard receptacle
  • The cover plate has a logo

Best value

Oviitech Two Pack Usb Wall Outlet Render Cropped

OviiTech 2-pack

Power on a budget

Vertical USB ports, easy installation, and a screwless wall plate make this one of my favorite money-saving choices.

Best color choices: Leviton T5632-W

Leviton USB wall outlet in dorm roomSource: Leviton

Billed as the "highest power device on the market," the wall outlet from Leviton includes two smart chip-powered USB ports that recognize the charging requirements of any device attached. For you, that means the charge is optimized for whatever you may plug in. The USB ports' vertical placement gives you maximum space for maneuvering cords and doesn't interfere with appliances using the plugs.

Installation is a breeze, too. The Leviton receptacle is back and side-wired and works well with a variety of wiring setups. The Leviton fits standard wall boxes and is compatible with Decora and Decora Plus screwless wall plates. You can grab this wall outlet with USB charging ports in one of six color choices to match your decor.

The Leviton outlet doesn't include a faceplate, so you'll need to pick that up separately. Also, this unit doesn't sit flush with standard wall plates. The AC and USB ports stick out a little from the wall plate. This isn't a bad thing, but it is worth noting. For most, the Leviton is the simplest unit to install and, with high-powered smart technology, the one most likely to work with all your devices.


  • Easy to install
  • Available in six colors
  • Vertical USB ports do not interfere with plug placement
  • Tamper-resistant


  • Does not include a faceplate
  • Doesn't fit flush with standard wall plate

Best color choices

Leviton T5632-W wall outlet

Leviton T5632-W 15-Amp Charger/Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle

Vertical magic

You'll love the fast charging vertically-placed USB ports that don't get in the way of the plugs!

Best bundle: SZICT USB Wall Outlet 4-pack

Szict Usb Outlet LifestyleSource: Amazon

When you want to outfit an entire room or several outlets in your home, you want this four-pack bundle from SZICT. It easily makes our list of the best wall outlet with USB charging ports. Each USB-A port outputs 4.2A, and the vertically arranged USB outlets give you plenty of room to plug other things in without getting cables tangled.

These are child-safe and tamper-resistant. It's impossible to insert items into the holes that do not belong. That makes these outlets perfect for children's rooms or any other area of the house.

This kit comes with polycarbonate wall plates that wipe clean and all the necessary mounting hardware. These are deep outlets that won't fit all spaces, so it's wise to measure your box before purchase. For those who want to upgrade several outlets at once, this four-pack from SZICT is an inexpensive way to get the job done.


  • Four outlets included
  • Childproof design
  • 4.2A
  • Wallplates included


  • Deep box may be a tight squeeze for some spaces

Best bundle

Szict Usb Wall Outlets Render Cropped

SZICT USB Wall Outlet 4-pack

Add an outlet to every room

This affordable bundle is a great deal for those who want to upgrade multiple outlets with newer USB outlets.

Best low standby power consumption: ELEGRP USB charger wall outlet

ELEGRP USB outlet in officeSource: Amazon

Phantom power consumption is a thing, and ELEGRP wants to make it a thing of the past. Boasting 87-percent energy efficiency and low standby power consumption, this tamper-resistant receptacle is one smart cookie! Smart chip USB 4.0A ports identify what's plugged in and adjust the output accordingly.

This outlet kit supports side and back wiring and fits standard wall boxes and wall plates. Extra safety features like overvoltage protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection are built into this flame-resistant outlet.

My only complaint is that there's a logo on the outlet. It's less obvious in the grey color, but go with the black or brown, and the writing stands out. If this doesn't bother you, ELEGRP is a smart chip outlet that works quickly and efficiently.


  • Available in two colors
  • Excellent safety features
  • Extremely low standby power consumption
  • Energy efficient


  • Logo on wall plate

Best low standby power consumption

ELEGRP USB wall outlet

ELEGRP USB charger wall outlet

Energy efficiency at its finest

Turn any standard outlet into an energy-efficient outlet and USB charging station with this slim model.

What's the best wall outlet with USB charging?

Whether you're plugging in an iPhone with a USB-C to Lightning cable or wanting to charge a tablet next to the couch, wall outlets with USB charging ports make life hassle-free.

We think that upgrading your outlets and ridding yourself of pricey USB adapters shouldn't be difficult. The Topgreener TU21558AC makes the process less headache-inducing with a receptacle that fits standard wall boxes. This is a high-speed wall outlet with one USB-A port and one USB-C port, so it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

The USB ports have a combined power of 5.8 amps and are positioned vertically, which is easier on charger cords and never interferes with appliances already plugged into the electrical outlets. If what you need is a powerful wall outlet with robust features from a brand that's known for quality goods, this is it!

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