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Best wallets for traveling 2022

Hero Zero Grid Wallet Render Cropped
Hero Zero Grid Wallet Render Cropped (Image credit: Zero Gril)

You can do a lot with the iPhone Wallet, but it can't completely take the place of a traditional wallet. And when you're taking a trip, it's smart to keep all of your essential travel documents in one place. Doing so keeps you organized and cuts down on the number of things you need to pack. Travel wallets are purpose-built for storing all of your valuables in one place. They have enough room for cash, credit cards, passports, and other essentials. And many travel wallets are slim enough to tuck in a purse, backpack, or pocket. Ready to hit the road? Don't leave home without one of the best wallets for traveling.

The best wallets for traveling are ...

When you're hitting the road, especially on an extended trip, a travel wallet should be at the top of your needs list. And if you're heading overseas, it's a must. My top pick when traveling with family or friends is theTechSafe from ZeroGrid. This is a spacious wallet with enough room for four passports, up to 10 cards, a pen, and your IDs.

If you want something that looks great and is functional, I recommend the Bellroy Folio. . It's a classy-looking leather wallet that will hold travel documents, IDs, cards, and cash.

When you want to hold your goods close to your body, you can't go wrong with Venture 4th. Their travel neck pouch wallet has scads of room for money, cards, and passports, and it slips over your neck or under your clothes for stealthy travel.

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