Best Waterproof Cases for the iPod touch 7 in 2022

Best waterproof cases for the iPod touch 7
Best waterproof cases for the iPod touch 7 (Image credit: Meritcase)

Apple's seventh-generation iPod touch comes complete with a new processor, to run more advanced iOS features than previous models. But though it has that new processor on the inside, on the outside, it's the same size as the previous two iPod touch models, meaning that cases for those iPods, including waterproof cases, will fit the new iPod touch 7 just fine. We've rounded up a selection of cases for your iPod touch 7 that will mean your music player stays protected from water and more, meaning you can use it anywhere with confidence.

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Protecting your iOS devices is important, and just because the iPod touch is less expensive than an iPhone or iPad doesn't mean it's in any less need of protection. Some options, like the Meritcase Knight, also bring useful built-in kickstand functionality.

For solid defense against water and other hazards, check out our Staff Pick, the Lifeproof FRĒ. Lifeproof is a trusted name in iPhone protection for a reason, and the FRĒ will keep your iPod touch safe not only from water but scratches and dust.

If you want something less expensive that's still going to offer solid water resistance for your iPod touch, check out the Eazewell Ultra Slim water-resistant case, it's an affordable option that does the job.

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