Best Workout Bands for the Withings Move iMore 2022

Withings has the unique (and frankly very cool) idea that your fitness tracker doesn't have to look like a fitness tracker. T Its classic watch line, including the Withings Move, presents the outward appearance of a classy traditional clock face. The result is an elegant, expensive-looking watch that also performs a fantastic array of fitness tracking features. To take advantage of these features, you'll probably want to purchase a sport or workout band for the most utility and comfort. These are the best options available for the Withings Move.

Withings Silicone Wristband

The original: Withings Silicone Wristband

Staff Pick

You can't go wrong with the original. With an official Withings Silicone Band, you know that the fit and quality will be perfect for your Withings Move. This silicone watchband is waterproof and durable for your most intense workouts.

$30 at Amazon
Ddjoy 18mm Breathable Watch Band

Two in one!: DDJOY 18mm Breathable Watch Band

Who doesn't love a two-for-one deal? This watchband from DDJoy comes with two interchangeable colors so you can switch quickly from one color to another. It also comes in four interchangeable colorways for lots of variety. The soft silicone is breathable and comfortable for exercise activities.

$8 at Amazon
Bossblue Replacement Band

Best value: Bossblue Replacement Band

This is the most affordable option on our list. Bossblue's simple silicone band is soft and waterproof like the original at a fraction of the cost. This is a basic solid band, yet durable. It will get the job done while you work out with your Withings Move.

$7 at Amazon
Sahiyeah Sport Band

All the pretty colors: Sahiyeah Sport Band

Lovers of bright, fun color combos will love these sport band options from Sahiyeah. This one is also made of breathable silicone but offers much more vibrant and unique colors than the original. We love the lime green with gray.

$13 at Amazon
Withings Limited Edition Wristband

A woven look: Withings Limited Edition Wristband

Although it's not silicone, this woven option is another solid watchband for working out. The soft fabric is comfortable and breathable with nice bright color options to boot. This one is not as waterproof as silicone, though, so it's probably not a good idea to use it for swimming.

$39 at Amazon

Get your Withings Move on

If you have a Withings Move, you'll want to make the most of its fitness tracking features. For that, you'll need a quality workout band that will hold up under a variety of exercises. There are lots of options for silicone bands, the best of which is probably the Withings Silicone Wristband, since it is the original after all.

If budget is a concern, go with a more affordable silicone band like this solid one from Bossblue. For those that don't love silicone bands, there's also an attractive woven option that's produced by Withings, although it's not waterproof. No matter the type of workout you prefer, one of these sport bands will get the job done.

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