BGR: No iPhone OS Updates Recently Because it Would Reveal Tablet Info?

The Boy Genius claims, based on info from a source who's proven reliable before, that we haven't gotten an iPhone OS update recently (oh, hai still missing iPhone 3.2!) because:

there’s too much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn’t want that to leak.

He's also heard that multitouch gestures for the iTablet/iSlate are "out of control", it's got a super-fast ARM processor that runs the iPhone OS kernel, is model K48AP, and is pretty much an "iPhone on steroids".

If this pans out, being so closely linked to the iPhone will no doubt disappoint Mac OS X tablet enthusiasts, but benefit the iPhone in terms of leveraged development and shared features.

Either way, we can still only expect it when we see it...

Rene Ritchie

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  • Sounds plausible, but I hope this does not mean the tablet will be as locked down as the iPhone.
  • So we're going straight to 4.0 ?
  • I think the non release of an update makes sense, but only because they may share some code. I doubt they would use iPhone OS for a tablet. A giant iPhone just doesn't seem needed. I would guess it is more of a hybrid between iPhone OS and OSX
  • All this hype over an itablet is Rediculous. A tablet is the most useless thing ever. You won't be able to do any real work on it without an accessory keyboard, and it's not going to be much smaller than a net book. Give me a touch screen on my MacBook and I'll pay attention.
  • Agree with this guy ^. Btw who wants a bigger iPhone ?
  • I'd definitely agree with Dev. This completely and 100% makes sense (especially seeing Apple's trends in the past) however, if they release this tablet running a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone OS, I'll be extremely disappointed.
    The excitement of this tablet is the fact that it could very easily and quickly be a replacement (and probably much better) for my netbook. However, if I'm going to be locked down in a similar fashion to the iPhone - I'll be sticking with my netbook. The average consumer would be more than satisfied with a locked down Tablet but I'd be willing to imagine that the vast majority of us on this site would be disappointed and end up supporting a "jailbreak-like" way of enjoying the Tablet.
  • I don't care what anyone says...I really hope that it's not an iPhone on steroids.
    The milking of the same thing, different size/features is old. I would have loved to grab a iTablet/iSlate with Mac OS X newly built with touch interface (and wishfully adding Swype keyboard for easy typing).
    But if it's just another iPhone/iPod with just a bigger screen...well, what's the point? I might as well get an iPod.
  • I'm with Macman. A bigger 10" iPhone? How practical is that? If the iPhone 4g comes to my carrier I want something small, sleek and fits in my pocket. I'm very happy owning a aluminum MacBook 13" (before firewire was put back, grrr) and one thing I don't need is to carry around a laptop-like device. Owning a iPhone would be great for me because I want a device that doubles as a GPS, check macmail on the go, surf the web, be an iPod, sync calendars and fits in my pocket.
  • It won't be an iPhone, it would be a 7"/10" iPod touch with data plans. Imagine reading ebooks, surfing the web, watching video and playing games on it, with the right software it will be a great experience. I just hope the final weight/battery/price balance can be good enough for me to buy it.
  • Why do I have the feeling that the iTablet is just going to be a huge ass iPod Touch with a data plan?
  • All I know the iPhone is gonna kill everything out come the spring. It's not gonna even be close. Lol.
  • rdy to see sumthing special from Apple
  • So my question is...
    The hitting point for Android apps were that there was too many differentiations going on (screen sizes, processors, etc).
    So if this is indeed just an iPod Touch with a bigger screen and data plans it means it will have an App Store.
    So now won't the App Store become exactly what everyone berated the Android Market for being? Fragmented?
    You'll have the different processors from iPhone 2G/3G and Touch going against the fully utilized processor in the iPhone 3G S and supposedly even more fragmentation if rumors pan true of a dual core processor for the iPhone G4. Then you'll also have to throw in the iSlate/iTablet's processors...because I'm sure they're not going to be using the same ole thing clocked at the same for the phones and iPods.
    Then you have the screen sizes...another point.
    So how will the apps fare is my question? Will the App Store get the same judgement as the Market did/does?
  • I hope it allows for third party development on the iPhone. I want the google goggles app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everybody seems to miss the point that Apple has thrown the iPhone users under the buss to to provide a few weeks of childish suspense.
    That's the thanks you get for being loyal customers, paying your EFT so you could rush out and dump your 3G for a 3GS, buying apps that you tire of in 3 days, and charge forth swinging insults like swords at anyone with a bad word to say about Apple.
    Thanks Apple.
  • Didnt think about it like that Icebike but your absolutely right. One shouldn't have to do anything with the other. It does kind of suck.
  • It would just be so hilarious of this WAS the new iPhone. Lol. I don't think apple has even announced anything yet have they? But I think a tablet would be sweet even though I don't think I would have some sort of immediate need for it. Of I can use it as part of my data plan for my iPhone then it would be slightly more appealing, but knowing cellular providers, they would never do that.
    I'm not believeing anything until Apple mentions something official and tangeable.
  • I'd rather they put some energy into new hardware for the iPhone. Id hate to be moving to verizon for the Driod. When the iPhone cane about touchscreen was new and exciting technology. Now however,..not so much :/
  • cant see this being just a big iphone, especially not considering the competition from the hp slate stuff running a full blown os
  • just imagine if apple made multitouch the new selling point of iMacs and macbook pro. it would just be RIDICULOUS. (come on steve u know we want it, and im sure you have the tech ;))
  • Hmm... Wonder how they will handle the AppStore in case we are waiting for "iPhone XL"? Same apps? One app fits all sizes (hardly taking advantege of the larger screen in that case) or just extendable? If you have bought an app for the iPhone, can you use it on the tablet? etc. etc.