BioRing crams a fitness, sleep, and nutrient tracker onto your finger

The team at BioRing is looking to change the way fitness trackers work by creating one that goes on your finger and can calculate the number of calories you are consuming daily on its own. That's right, this tracker will not only count your steps, heart rate and tell you how intense your workout was, but it will also be able to automatically calculate how many calories you are consuming daily without you needing to input the data into an app manually.

This is a new concept, and the way it works is pretty sweet. One of the co-founders explains it as:

If funded, the company hopes to finalize the apps in September and begin shipments in November. Early bird pricing is listed at $189, which shows as a $110 savings from the regular retail price. This means when it hits the shelves it will likely cost $299, so if you are interested now may be the best time to buy one. Will you be backing the BioRing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Jared DiPane

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