The latest update to the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device has added... Siri! Okay, not exactly Siri, but it is a virtual personal assistant in the style of Siri, and while it currently switches between voices s seemingly at random, one of the voices is exactly the same as the female voice Siri uses. Chris Parsons took it through its paces over at and you watch the video above, or head on over there, and see what he thought.

Given that Apple is expanding Siri in iOS 6 with wide availability and more features, and that Android is getting in the game with Google Now (and manufacturer-specific packages like Samsung's S Voice), this obviously comes as no surprise.

Both Siri and S Voice have faced challenges with reliability. It'll be interesting to see how RIM's version does when it's released, likely alongside BlackBerry 10 in Q1, 2013.