BlueAnt Q1 Receives Firmware Update Which Enables A2DP Audio Streaming

One of our favorite Bluetooth headsets, the BlueAnt Q1, has just gotten an major firmware update that enables A2DP audio streaming along with some other fixes and small functions.

  • The Q1 now includes A2DP audio streaming, so you can listen to music, podcasts, and hear turn-by-turn direction information from a phone GPS application. If your phone or GPS application supports A2DP simply start playing music or launch the GPS application and the audio will automatically transfer to the Q1.
  • In response to customer feedback BlueAnt made it even easier to end a call: now you end calls with a single click of the BlueAnt button.
  • Double-clicking the BlueAnt button during a call now switches between Voice Isolation Standard and Max.

The update process for your Q1 headset to firmware version 8.19 is a quick and painless. Simply head on over to BlueAnt's website, download the updater tool, and following the directions. The update currently can only be done on Windows machines with an Mac update tool coming soon.

IM Staff

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