The Bobine Flex charging dock is an all-in-one accessory you need to have

There are a ton of accessories out there for charging your phone, whether you're just looking for a new cable, a charging dock for your desk, or a flexible mount for your car. But what if you could combine all three accessories into one? What would that look like?

It just might look like the Bobine Flex the world's most flexible iOS charging dock. It's an MFI-certified Lightning to USB-A connector cable that's wrapped in a flexible-yet-rigid outer layer that will bend and flex however you like so your phone is both charging and accessible at all times.

This is the last charging accessory you'll ever need!

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Since it's got a Lightning connector, this accessory will work with most iPhones released in the past few years and can even charge your Magic Mouse, Apple Pen, or any other device that charges via Lightning. The kit also includes dashboard clips for your car, so you can plug the Bobine Flex into your car charger and then secure the flexible cable wherever you'd like it on your dash.

To buy a quality new charging cable, desktop dock, and car mount all individually you'd likely spend over $100, and usually, the Bobine Flex is sold for $35. But thanks to this great deal from iMore Digital Offers, you can snag your own for just $24.99. It's a great price for such a futuristic and handy accessory which can also be used as a tripod for taking photos or recording videos with your phone held in place wherever you choose to set it up.

It's the ultimate charging accessory for your iOS devices and it can be yours for just $24.99! Don't delay — this deal won't last for long!

Get the Bobine Flex for just $24.99!

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