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BodyGuardz vs InvisibleSHIELD in ultimate iPad scratch test

If you had to put your precious iPad through the ultimate scratch test, which protective film covering would give it the best chance for survival -- the BodyGuardz or the InvisibleSHIELD? They're both ultra-thin, ultra-durable plastic skins, but which is the most durable? That's the challenge they gave me for the latest episode of TiPb's Amazing Case, our hardcore, case vs case tests of strength, durability, and performance.

We figure if either -- or both -- of these skins could survive being ground against rocks, etched with metal, and -- quite frankly -- screwed, then they can survive pretty much whatever normal, day-to-day use throws at them.

Follow on after the jump for the details, and the give-away!

BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPad

The BodyGuardz is nice and clear but a little less tacky. It looks great though and doesn't "orange peel" as much in my experience. This version has front and back covers and a series of small strips to cover the sides. It's trickier to put all of that on, though, so please take a look at my video on how-to install the BodyGuardz.

InvisibleSHIELD Protective Skin for iPad

The InvisibleSHIELD is not as glossy but also not as slippery. It feels a little safer to grip, though it also seems more likely to "orange peel" (have slight bumps in places). This version covers the front and the back of your iPad but not the side. It's also a little challenging to put on, but I've done a video how-to for InvisibleSHIELD installation as well, so check it out.


So which protective skin was the most protective? No spoilers! You have to watch the video above for the results of our BodyGuardz vs InvisibleSHIELD ultimate iPad scratch test.

When you're done leave me a reply in the comments below and tell me which one you'd rather have protecting your iPad -- BodyGuardz or InvisibleSHIELD -- and what you most want it to protect you from. I admit it, those rocks sent my heart racing (I was scared I'd gone too far!), what makes you most afraid of scratching your iPad, what puts you in panic mode?

Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector and Isometric podcasts, follow her on Twitter @Georgia_Dow and check out her series at

  • Based on the video and test results, I wouldn't mind trying either one of them. Protect from what? My 4-year old who is constantly grabbing the iPad when I'm not looking!
  • I'd take either since it was a draw, but I have used BodyGuardz in the past and liked it.
  • I've always gone with InvisibleSHIELD! I don't have an ipad so I use it on my iPhone to protect it from my keys when I have both in my pocket.
  • I'd go with the invisibleSHIELD to keep my little terrier dog from destroying my iPad
  • I'd much rather have the BodyGuardz protecting my iPad, mostly because it doesn't have such an orange effect as you mentioned above. What I want to protect it the most from? Nosy / intrigued people who want to use this fascinating device in my hands, but that don't understand to NOT use their nails.
  • Give me the BodyGuardz!
  • I still cringe when I see the iPad treated to rocks and nails this way...even though I know they're going to be OK.
    Both products really offer some amazing protection.
  • ...oh, and I'd protect it from my 2 year old who loves to watch Dora on my iPad...and run around with it
  • So cool
  • Count me in for an invisibleSHIELD
  • Based on the video, the both seem to do a good job but I'd go for the BodyGuardz to protect my iPad from my grand-kids and the instruments of destruction I'm sure they'd come up with.
  • Very helpful. Inhave been considering one of these for my iPad.
  • bodyguardz any day!
  • I've used bodyguardz on both my iphone 3g and iphone 4. Love it. I'd use it to protect against accidentally scratching it when it's in my backpack. Love the protection.
  • I prefer bodyguardz. The orange peel effect you speak of sound like something I wouldn't like. Great vid!!
  • Very intense video I never like to see something so magical being treated like a piece of junk but it was for the better of mankind and tipb are the pros. With that said please hook me up with a BodyGuardz
  • Wow, Renee magically transformed into a being of awesomeness! Didn't expect that XD
  • Interesting... I came to the site (after watching the video on reader) to say that I believed things are going highly stupid... Why on earth would someone skate with their ipad on rocks? Or, what odds are there that it happens?
    I wanted to say come on, but seeing the comments, I'm currently amazed. Really amazed. As far as I see, Tipb is doing the right thing, as there's demand for every kind of insanity...
  • Invisibleshield for me but I'd use either. Need it to protect from my dogs!
  • I'd prefer the invisibleSHIELD, as i've quite a bit of experience with their products and am a big fan. the bodyguardz looks like a quality product also though.
    safe from 2 small kids, if that is possible.
  • I have used Invisible Shield in the past on my iPhone, but after seeing this video, I'd be more than willing to try BodyGuardz. I use a RadTech screen protector now but it has a bunch of bubbles all along the edge.
  • Very interesting. Both products have done their job nicely. I do not have any shield on my iPad. But if I were to buy one, I would go with invisibleSHIELD for iPad so my 2 years old daughter could keep her drawing on my iPad screen with crayon. :)
  • i would go with the BodyGuardz!! had the invisible shield on the iphone and didnt care for it. the bodyguardz is much better than having to put the ipad in a case, rather than people using my computer i purchased the ipad as a community product so that everyone in my house can use it, and with the bodyguardz i wont have to worry about it being scratched.
  • I think the video is pretty conclusive - I'd love an invisibleSHIELD!
  • I would take the bodyguardz cos I've personally used IS b4 (a few times!) and all of the time, it started peeling after 3-4 months! It's getting irritating to keep replacing it. I gotta protect it from my dog who keeps licking my iPad! Hope it's pooch-saliva resistant.
  • Since it was basically a draw...but with Georgia saying the BodyGuardz did "slightly" better, I would have to go with the BodyGuardz to protect my iPad form normal everyday wear and tear. I have two boys, ages 10 and 7 and both love using my iPad...and you never know what they might do to it!!!
  • at 2:03 i though i got an E-Mail. Was not me!
  • I think what I am most concerned with is the crud that gets caught between my case (eco-vue) and the iPad itself. I find it difficult to carry around the iPad without a case, but I cant stand the inevitable gunk that builds up inside the case. I think either of these would work to protect the iPad, but the invisible shield seems to be a little more durable.
  • I'm going with the BodyGuardz. 1 - any product ending in 'z' is better. 2 - protection from Fred Flintsone is always a plus. 3 - they shoulda left em in a toddler's playroom . True torture test.
  • It's seems as if bodyguards Is good for expert users but I just have an iPhone and it has an invisible shield mainly because of the convenience of the installation carts being at the mall.. With that said I believe that the invisible shield is the best protection rather than a film but this only happens when the shield is installed perfectly I have never used body guards but they look just as good but from what I've seen from videos it may be better than invisible shield...for a perfectionist I would go body guards for the casual user invisible shield
  • I have always used the invisible shield and would love to try out the body guard z
  • I'd like the BodyGuardz to protect my iPad from my cats. Their claws can be pretty sharp, and sometimes I leave my iPad lying around.
  • I like the BodyGuardz. I have scratches on the back of my iPad. I need some protection for that
  • I have bodyguardz on my iPhone 4 and I love it. I would definitely go with bodyguardz for my iPad. Thanks for great comparison video.
  • Based on the results in my opinion I would prefer the invisible shield.
  • I had the Bodyguardz on my Iphone 3GS and now have the Invisible Shield on my Iphone4. I must say, they both surprised me! I have always thought that the protection was exaggerated in both for advertising purposes. I was obviously wrong! I would not leave the mall with my new Iphone4 without a shield in place. Invisible Shield was available and installed by someone with steadier hands and better eyes!! I would be happy with either.
  • I'd protect it from my little nephew who grabs it every time I'm not looking
  • I'd rather have the BodyGuardz myself, and what I'm trying to protect my iPad from are my two sons -- aged 5 (a frequent iPad user) and 7 months (a future, frequent iPad user).
  • I would go for Invisible shield first, followed by Bodygardz.
    Either looks like it would handle my usage perfectly.
  • I like InvisibleSHIELD as BodyGuardz makes me think of a condom?? Sorry, not sure what that's about but it does.
    Basically, I need protection from myself. I have an iDevice on my body literally every waking hour. Way too often they are in my lap whether on the couch or in the car. A least once per week I stand and drop the poor baby on the carpet, floor or asphalt. A year of pounding with no protection is dangerous!
  • Both offer great protection. Except for the fact that before i send my iphones in for replacement, i take keys and exacto blades to the naked front glass and have not been able to scratch the screen. I could almost predict that even without a protector, the naked screen would also take no damage.
  • I have used InvisibleShield for my iphone before and i feel it is very good and tough on screen which protects from scratches. So, i would go for InvisibleShield for IPAD too. Though from the video it seems both are amazing at their work i will prefer InvisibleShield as i have already used it personally.
  • After seeing the video I would give BodyGuardz a try. Have used InvisibleSHIELD for a while on my iPhone and do notice the orange peal problem. I would most want to protect my iPad from my grown children - they are just not a careful with my technology as I would like them to be!
  • I need protection from fingerprints haha. I like the BodyGuardz personally
  • I'll take the InvisibleShield to protect from the wrath of my children.
  • Great review. The music was awesome!
    Unfortunately I don't have an iPad, but there is really no doubting that either the Zagg or the Bodyguardz would protect the iPad's surface from everyday scratches. I've not used either product for the iPad, but I did use the Zagg InvisibleShield for my iPhone 4 and had to return it after a week due to peeling and other 'worming' effects beneath the surface. I've heard nothing but good things about the Bodyguardz though. If I win this contest, feel free to contact me so that you can mail me my Vapor 4! ;)
  • I haven't used the BodyGuardz product, but my InvisibleShield (two of them) have yellowed after only a few months... make my phone look nasty (HTC Legend).
  • That was painful to watch.
  • I've tried Invisible Shields on some other products in the past, and it worked fairly well. I think I would like to try the BodyGuardz though since it seemed like it performed fairly well in the video. I mainly need to protect it from my 4-year old daughter. She's gotten to where she plays around on my iPad more than I do, and we've had some close calls where having a BodyGuards on it would have given me much more peace of mind. :)
  • Interesting tests, would have been more interesting if they ran the tests on a naked iPad as a control subject.
  • Why would the nails scratch the screen even with the protectors off. Last time I checked, glass is harder than steel, so it's kind of like saying that a rubber knife can't cut wood.
  • I've been using the Invisble Shield since I got my iPad about a month after it released and have been very happy. It does add a little more drag when sliding my finger across the screen but not bad. It also does not show finger smudges much at all. So far no scratches or such nor any bubbles. If I ever have to replace it I would stay with the Invisble Shield.
  • I would use the bodyguardz, I've used it on my past iPhones and loved it. I would use it to protect my iPad from every day use, like when I throw it into my bag and take it to school. I'm always afraid I'll scratch it all up. So please give me the free bodyguardz :) I would even take the other one they are both great products.
  • Impressive performance from both I'd say! Id take the InvisibleGuardz or the BodySHIELD - ahhh, or either or both.
    But in any case a screen protector would be most welcome for our upcoming excursion to Lofoten, Norway. I do believe either or these would help with the elements.
  • That is seriously so hard to watch!!
  • Invisible shield! It's been around longer, and they have better advertisement, have you seen any body gaurd adertisements, I don't think so..
  • Awesome video you guys nailed it! (Get it?) I had a invisishield for my iphone and it worked great but I would love to try body guardz on my ipad I'm afraid of scratching it at work when I set it on my metal table (its that slip resistant texture) but again props on the vid I <3 tiPb
  • I have never been enamored with InvisibleShield products in the past. However, I would like to try the BodyGardz for my iPad. As for who I need to protect the iPad from - myself! Even with a couple of different cases on the iPad (now rocking an Apple case), I managed to get a few hairline scratches on the lower left of my screen. Nothing major and hardly noticeable but like a ding on a car that can only be seen if the sun shines a certain way - I know it's there.
  • Who is the hot red-head? That chick is HOT!
  • I have the Invisible shield from zagg. I trusted them with my stuff(ipods, macbooks, razor phones, iphones) for years( before they became zagg). They have a lifetime warranty which is nice.
    My wife ended up tearing the shield (don't ask!?!?!!). It protected the screen. I went online filled out a form, $5 for shipping, and had a replacement shield in a few days. Sent the torn shield back to keep the lifetime warranty in place.
    Never had an issue with "orange peel" either. just apply plenty of the solution to hands and shield before applying on a very clean screen then squeegee bubbles out.
  • I use Bodyguardz for my iPhone. I would prefer that for my iPad!
  • I've always been a fan of Invisishield, so that gets my vote.
  • Clearly, I want Georgia protecting my iPad, but if I have to settle for a case, I'll take the BodyGuardz, because Georgia said so...
  • nice
  • I would use the bodygauurd. I'm have horrble case of dropsies.... like 3 iPones replaced droppsies...
  • I think the Zagg Invisibleshield is the best screen cover for the iPad because it has a better name throughout support for Apple's devices. Its also protected many of my iDevices throughout the years.What scares me most when putting the iPad down is when I am in a public place and I put it down on a rough surface, say, a public park bench.That's what scares me most!!
  • I remember Zagg posting a video of someone strapping a firecracker to their phone. When they removed the protector the screen was pristine. My open experience was when the puppy got ahold of the phone and spent some time chewing at it. The protector needed to be replaced, which Zagg did with the lifetime warranty, but the screen was perfectly fine.
  • The invisibleshield has protected my iphone even from my kids. Looks like the glass protection for both products passed the TiPB test. How is the back and side protection?
  • Wait, do you two live together?
  • Darn. Can't watch the video on my iPad. Guess I'll have to wait till I get home.
  • I would want the BodyGuardz because I already had an InvisibleSHIELD on my iPhone and after time it starts to peel up on the edges and look disgusting. I take my iPad on me when I'm on patrol. I'm a Deputy Sheriff and do 12 hour tours! I need to protect my iPad from flying off my seat when I hit a curve going to an emergency call. Sometimes I think I secured it behind my clipboard, but it slips out and flies right into the floorboard!
  • Based off of the tests I would go with the BodyGuardz. While I doubt I would ever need to protect my iPad from a box of nails or a rock garden I have something that is far more destructive, 2 boys that compete over who gets to pay with my iPad the most. I've got it protected for transport with the Apple case but the screen is still naked. Everytime I see my boys "discussing" who gets to play with the iPad first, I cringe.
  • Bodyguardz - hate that orange peel.
  • Durango Jim, FYI, glass is NOT harder than steel.
  • I would have liked to see Georgia do the misc tests without a screen protector to show how the iPad does without protection. But then, it would be bad if that ended up being the giveaway iPad. :)
  • Invisible Shield
  • InvisableShield because I think it's clearer.
  • I'd love to give the BodyGuardz a try. I don't think I could handle the orange peel on the big iPad screen.
  • that was the most painful thing i've watched in a while... omgz not the precious pad!
    i am amazed they came through alright, but they did it. whooray!
  • I would use the Invisible Shield...
  • Have had good prior experience with InvisibleSHIELD. This would be my choice.
  • I would like to have the body guardz. I had the invisible shield on my bold 9700 and am going to buy one of the two for my new (replaced the 9700) iPhone 4. Would also like one for my iPad.
  • I'll take the Bodyguardz over any other product !
  • BodyGuardz. The less tacky, the better, I think.
  • I would go for the BodyGuardz. I think the InvisibleShield products have a little too much tackiness for me.
    This would definitely help reduce my anxiety over putting my iPad in my laptop bag with everything else in there!
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  • invisible shield is way better
  • I have used InvisiShield since before they changed the name to Invisible Shield. Were they bought out by ZAGG? I don't recall the name ZAGG on my previous purchases.
    Anyway, my 6 year old iPod has had the original InvisiShield on it, and still looks and works great. I think the slightly tacky quality to them actually helps keep them from sliding around and slipping from your hand, but may possibly make touch screen actions a little less smooth. I do think they also help a little more with reducing glare than the BodyGuardz, which I see as a real plus.
  • cool video, I need to find a cover for my touchpad...but not giving bestbuy business so hopefully retailers sell bodyguards!
  • Iswifter is the best don't waste time with Skyfire.
  • both cases are really good. it is really hard to choose
  • You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually something that I feel I might by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I'm having a look forward in your subsequent publish, I will try to get the dangle of it!
  • Bodyguardz just ruined a brand new surface! I was very excited to install the shield to my brand new surface that I was giving my daughter as a present after reading good reviews about the product. The day after installation I noticed one corner on the back curling up and decided to peel it off since it looked horrible. Bodyguardz product peeled the black paint of the surface completely. A brand new device ruined!!! I spent a day speaking to the manager and anorhe gentlemen who I was told reported directly to the president with no luck whatsoever. They told me that it was not their fault and that there was nothing they could do. I was left without a present for my daughter but I now have a determination to warn everyone that is considering buying their products to stay away from them!!!