British parliament members all set to receive tax payer funded iPads

Every British member of parliament is going to receive an iPad and the British tax payer is set to pick up the bill. The iPad roll-out is part of a major ICT upgrade and follows the completion of a successful iPad trial. The House of Commons administration committee has recommended that the iPad is given to all 650 MPs.

The idea is that by equipping MP’s with iPads or other tablets, it would reduce paperwork, save money, and would make MPs’ duties easier to perform. The scheme could cost the taxpayer between £260,000 to £429,000, with each device costing a minimum of £400 and a maximum of £660. At the moment, every MP already receives an allocation of three desktops and two laptops.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is already an avid iPad user and even has his own app to keep an eye on the country's affairs. He can gain easy access to the latest NHS waiting-list figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers and a wide variety of other data at a glance. This latest scheme should help increase MP's productivity too as well as saving costs on printing.

Source: TechWeek Europe, Image: The Telegraph


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