Bury council set to buy 22 iPads for its garbage collectors

Bury council in the UK, is looking to provide its refuse (garbage) collection team with iPads to improve its service. Unfortunately the council is facing huge criticism for the plan due to the need to make £18 million pounds worth of spending cuts. The iPads will set them back around £9,000.

The iPads will be mounted on the refuse collecting trucks dashboard to provide route guidance for the driver. More importantly they will be used to gather data on households who do not recycle or fail to put out their bins altogether.

Glenn Stuart, Bury's head of waste management, said: "The scheme is replacing paperwork, which can get lost or get wet. Waste collection is a dirty operation. iPads will be pre-loaded with information and streets and houses will be seen on-screen." He added that taxpayers would get "a much-improved and more efficient service".

The scheme has come under some severe criticism from tax payers and MP's alike. Most suggest that a pen and paper would be a far more cost effective way of gathering the same information.

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