More on Best Buy iPad Launch

We already know Best Buy's in-store Apple boutiques will be selling iPad's come April 3, but an anonymous tipster has sent us this internal note with more info how the big blue box is handling the launch-day training. No huge surprises, of course, but we're in the final week so every little bit of hype counts.

  • Best Buy employees can't purchase iPads on April 3, those are for customers.
  • Best Buy employees can order them from Apple Employee Purchase online store, with no discount, for delivery on April 3 (they'll get their usual break on accessories, however).
  • Learning Lounges modules for employee training should hit tomorrow, March 28. 2 iPad eLearnings need to be passed, iPad Overview and iPad Selling. Demo, Content Installation & Device Security are coming April 3.
  • Apple will offer local classrooms for Apple Experts in 22 cities including Boston, NYC, Reston, Atlanta, Miami, Cincinnati, Nashville, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Omaha, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, LA North, LA South, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu.

Anyone eschewing the Apple Retail Store in hopes of more easily scoring an iPad at Best Buy?

Rene Ritchie

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