iPad vending machine

Electronic vending machines aren't anything new when it comes to airports or other travel stops but how about iPad vending machines at a Macy's Department store? Consumerist writer, Ben Popken, spotted one in the men's department of his local Macy's.

What I find interesting is that they'd have these machines in a mall that also contains an Apple Store. I've always understood why they'd have them in airports. If someone has to sit on a 14 hour plane ride they'll probably pay more than retail for an iPad. Jack up the prices and you'll get people to pay them when they're on a time limit to find something to escape boredom for the next several hours. But inside a Macy's is just weird to me.

What do you guys think? Would you buy an iPad or high end electronic device from a vending machine in a department store?

[The Consumerist]