Best Buy promoting iPad 2 this Sunday

If a leaked image on Engadget is accurate, Best Buy really was stocking up on iPad 2 for a big promotion this weekend -- Sunday to be precise. Apparently iPad 2 will be featured the front cover of their ad, they expect it to bring a lot of traffic into their stores, and they want to have at least a few iPad 2s on hand. Reservations will be honored first, and there's probably nowhere near stock enough to meet demand. In fact, they go so far as to give employees tips on how to "minimize customer disappointment", so get their early if you want one and let us know if you get it!


Rene Ritchie

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  • Does it even NEED promoting?
  • No, it doesn't.
  • See It doesnt need promoting unless apple had best buy do a deal (free case for example) or a small price reduction but that will NEVER happen.
  • I'm sure that they're doing this promotion because they're afraid of the massive onslaught of the BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Not sure I understand.. wasn't it a matter of a week or so ago that BB was pulling them off the shelves and making them magically disappear, telling people that they had none in stock?
    Our local store completely wiped clean the display and storage for them after I read about that.
  • Same here with all the stores In Dallas they did that so they could be the only one with iPad 2s on hand except for apple stores themselfs to get a leg up on competiting stores
  • My wife ordered a 32gb 3G at&t white on the first day of reservations and we still haven't gotten it
  • I think you all are missing the point. iPad 2 does not need the promoting, BB does. They are using the pad to drive traffic and want to have at least a few on hand so they are not accused of bait and switch. Since they have few to sell, bait and switch is exactly what they are doing. "but we do have this one over here that is just like an iPad"
  • Exactly.... a BB promotion, just utilizing iPad as the bait. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. This doesn't make me like BB any more though, if anything, it makes me not want to buy one from them. They are handy, just a few blocks away... and I've been watching their stock... but I think I'll head to the Apple store instead (though that may mean I won't be getting one for a while yet).
  • Actually it's not only gonna be featured by bestbuy.... Target has a special launching Sunday for iPad 2 and so does walmart. Toys r us is launching iPad 2 in their stores on Sunday... So if you've been looking for one, that's where your best chances are
  • Target is also promoting them tomorrow!
  • In fact, they got them in days ago and have been witholding them for their ad on Sunday!
  • Was the picture taken with an iPhone 4 or the new iPad 2 suffers from the same green/blue tint problem?
  • Okay, this post is a bit of overhype. The Best Buy in SF still had a good selection of models last night (Friday) just before closing. I know because I'm typing on a black 32gb 3G I just bought. It would seem there is little value to waking up early to get one, and that they are not stockpiling for Sunday.
  • What we dont have in Stock we will be able to reserve again! Ad's are set weeks / months in advance... Nobody could have prepared for the Japan earthquakes or the increased demand over the 1st Gen. If You look at the 1St Gen by this time a majority of stores didn't have stock issues....meaning more than a month after iPad 1's release. You will see once Apple releases financial data they probably doubled if not tripled their last years sales numbers. BBY does not try to bait and least not any respectable blue shirt. We build Trust...if a customer is interested in the Xoom I will be more than happy to show it to them but we all know they want the iPad....Reserve it..we get shippments daily...typically...high volume stores receive more but we are getting them as fast as Apple can ship them, I wish everyone would be a little more consider of the disaster in Japan, if we all did our research we would learn that apple receives supplies for the iPad from 2 suppliers that were directly affected. If they are paying more to not disrupt the flow of supply as the "interwebs" are saying...there was still some delay that apple is probably trying to catch back up to...but everyone wants an iPad 2! 7 year old we all want one!
  • I had a very interesting experience today trying to get an ipad2. First I went to Target (they open at 8am) but they were sold out (not sure how it happened so fast, but they only got 5 per store). Just down the road is a ToysR Us and they open at 10 - so I got there and was first in line. Doors opened at 9:50 and I walk in and ask for the Ipad2. They said 'sorry, we sold out'. Really? They said they only got 5 and sold them out immediately (not sure how that happened with me being first into the store, but I am guessing that employees and their friends got first dibs).
    Okay, so I head to best buy that opens at 11. There we people sitting in their cars so I get out and stand by the door, and thus became #1. Here in Ohio the requirement is a minimum of 3 per store (and that is what our ad says) so I figure I've got a good chance of getting what I want. The folks in the cars jump out and get in line behind me and we wait. Around 10:30 an employee comes out and says that the store only has 1 ipad, that none of the local BBs have more than 1 ipad, and that they would allow us to order them. Gee thanks. The 1 that they had was a 3g version that I wasn't interested in, so it went to someone behind me in line. I did order it (since I killed a morning trying to get one) but I am likely to go the apple store next week and try to stand in line early to see if I can snag one.
  • fail. again. I walked in to BBY in Baton Rouge LA as they unlocked the doors. Asked if they had any iPad2s in. Nope. Told the guy I'm giving up on Best Buy at this point. He said It's not us, Apple is holding the product. They even had the Sunday ad on display. Why release the ad if you're not going to get any product in? He didn't even mention the reservation process nor did I ask. Finally decided to order online from Apple. I even saved $10 by ordering from my employee purchase plan discount link through work.