Camera samples from new iPad show marked improvement (but how could they not?)

The camera quality on the iPad 2 didn't really impress anybody, but some sample shots from the new iPad have surfaced, and show a definite improvement in quality. These pictures were taken on the new iPad unboxed in Vietnam yesterday, which also gave us benchmarks revealing processor and memory specs.

The camera in the new iPad weighs in at 5 megapixels, but otherwise uses the same optics as the iPhone 4S, which as many of you know, are really good. That said, the 0.3 megapixel shooter on the iPad 2 never really stood much of a chance. While you aren't likely to be using the new iPad as a gigantic, unwieldy point-and-shoot camera on a day-to-day basis, it's great that the few times you do need to use the camera, it won't let you down. Obviously we'll have our own hands-on time with the new iPad this Friday, but until then, the camera is shaping up to be pretty nice.

Those of you upgrading to the new iPad - will the improved quality of the camera increase how often you use it? Do you often take pictures or video with your current iPad? There are a few more samples below.

Source: Tinh te; Flickr/a>; screen caps

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