Camera-equipped iPod nano may still be in the works

Some fresh pictures of a camera-equipped iPod nano have slipped out, indicating that Apple's music player may be due for an update soon. Apple usually updates the iPod nano every fall, but this year the iPhone 4S hogged the spotlight at Apple's traditional event. The 2009 iPod nano had a cameAside from the camera, the overall design doesn't seem to have changed much from the previous generation.

As Georgia aptly points out, the iPod nano isn't really hurting for a camera; instead, the iPod nano really should start changing into a smartwatch accessory, complete with notifications pushed over Bluetooth, hosting lightweight apps, while still playing music. Motorola and Sony Ericsson have both taken a stab at this idea, but Apple will likely be able to pull this off in a way that really resonates with their fans.

Anybody out there own an iPod nano? Do you ever find it lacking in functions, or does it already do what you need it to? Is a camera really needed?

Source: via MacRumors

Simon Sage

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of those fake products that's purpose is to find the source of leaks. It just seems like a really unnecessary addition to the Nano. The quality would be bad, and it would b difficult to take picture/video without blocking the lens with your fingers due to its small size.
  • The idea is fine. The reason for it is lacking. On the previous gen you had a screen size that could justify having a camera. Besides lots are used with a watch strap. By the time you get it out and ready the reason to do it will be gone.
  • My fiancee owns a 16GB 6th gen red nano and its perfect for what she needs. Its a gym ipod. I mean, they could definitely improve the fitness functions/apps but I don't think a camera is necessary or worth throwing in here.
    The screen is WAAAAY too small for a camera and seeing the camera quality on the 4th/5th gen ipod touch I'm not sure I really think anything besides the iphone/ipad should get a camera at this point.
  • This seems ridiculous, not only is the need just not there for the complexity they'd be introducing but the camera as shown is on the spring-hinged clip rather than on the body...doesn't make sense.
  • dumb idea...a camera? really? ipods aren't even good anymore since they made the touch. The only one worth getting anymore is the 160gb classic. I don't know about most people but 64gb is not enough. I'm on an older 80gb ipod and it's getting close to being full. Anyone who really loves music knows you need a lot of storage for mp3s.
  • Yes, very important to have your 20,480 songs with you at all times.
  • let me guess. you pirate a lot of music and you don't care how awkwardly a device sits in your pocket.
    kudos for being representative of every single person on the planet, i was unaware how one person could be so representative.
    camera on nano .. sure, why not? these things are geared toward people who work out, or like to believe that they would work out if only they owned such a great device to work out with but who actually won't.
    if you're on a run or bike and see something interesting, chances are that you only have your nano. so a camera on the device would let you take a photograph of it. simple as that. also don't underestimate the "a camera on a device that small!?" gee-whiz factor in selling product. Apple could brand it "the world's smallest camera" or something to that effect.
    as for the smart watch thing, i think there is a limited market for that, but it also happens to be the iPod Nano market. while running and exercising, a watch is very helpful for timing and to know when to wrap up without carrying your phone around. problem is, with the device on your wrist if you want to listen to music the cable from your ears to your wrist would be very awkward. maybe combined with bluetooth ear buds it could work but otherwise?
  • I don't see the point. The camera on my iPad is next to worthless and can only assume the nano's camera would be the same or lower quality. Why have a camera if the pics rant worth keeping.
  • To heck with the camera-- give me some bluetooth love!
  • The images are FAKE. Anyone that actually has a Nano knows that the surface the camera in on is a hinged clip. Hard to run a camera like that...
  • Ya camera on this is useless. +1 for bluetooth
  • What they need is a slightly bigger screen form factor and a front facing camera for FaceTime. Now that would be useful in some cases. If they could partner with some cell carriers for initial broadband coverage as part of the purchase price (like the 3G Kindle had) and make FaceTime cellular and free from the watch (think about it, the screen and camera are so small, they wouldn't need as much bandwidth for it as the iPhone one does to get the same picture quality out of it). Now that would sell like hotcakes!!! They would pretty much corner the watch market at that point as well. What's not to like? Win win!!!
  • 4 words, FaceTime Chat, Dick Tracey.
  • I don't care about a camera on it. Put Bluetooth on it instead.
  • I use one as a watch. It's awesome. I also feel like the thing that would really improve it is Bluetooth.
  • Maybe Motorola and Sony Ericsson failed, but Apple will pull this off, I'm positive.
    BTW, what do you think about this?