Capture all the action with the All PRO Action Camera for only $48

Your phone is great for taking photos and videos, but not all phones are created equal and few are water- or dust-resistant. So where do you turn when you're out kayaking, on the basketball court, scaling a mountain, or running around the backyard with a big dog? Your phone will get wrecked and any other Handy Cam would be done for in minutes.

Capture the action for just $48!

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What you need is something rugged, compact, and easy to use. You also need something that's preferably waterproof so that all your sweet footage makes it home with you. It would suck to shoot all this awesome stuff for a day only to realize your camera stopped working an hour into your adventure.

GoPro isn't the only action camera on the market, and its price might put some folks off. Check out the HD Wide Angle Waterproof 1080p Action Cam. It shoots in full HD, can record up to 90 minutes of video on a single charge, capture photos and video up to 30 feet underwater, and can attach to just about anything with some external straps (not included). Cameras like this generally retail for hundreds, and this one is typically sold for$149.95, but at iMore Digital Offers, it's only $48.

Neva Tech HD Wide Angle Waterproof Action Cam takes 12-megapixel photos, shoots video in 1080p at 30 FPS and 720p at 60 FPS. You'll just need a microSD card (up to 32GB), and you're good to go. You can take single shots or take advantage of the 5- or 10-second self-timer to get the shots you want.

If you're looking for inexpensive action cameras that can go absolutely everywhere you go, then check out the HD Wide Angle Waterproof Action Cam from Neva Tech. It's only $48 at iMore Digital Offers, so you save 67%.

Record it all with the HD Wide Angle Waterproof Action Cam!

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