Koenigsegg CarPlay

We've seen some automakers like Volkswagen and Chevrolet gear up for CarPlay support already, but seeing it inside an awesome supercar like the 1782bhp Koenigsegg Regera is a pretty sight. There is certainly much to admire in the cockpit, but the CarPlay unit seems to fit right in. That means plenty of Apple goodies like maps, music, iMessage, and of course phone calls will be just a quick touch away. Then again, most of us won't get the chance to try it in the Regera first-hand, as there will only be 80 models made and it will sell for $1.89 million.

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If you're looking for a CarPlay solution in your next vehicle, you may want to tone things down a bit from this beauty, but if you happen to pick one up be sure to let us know so we can take it for a spin!

Source: 9to5Mac